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Why pension liberation is a complete scam

I have received several of these and every time I do, I get so angry. In fact, after receiving one yesterday it has spurred me into writing this blog because

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Pensioner income drops a third in five years

Retirement income adviser Key Retirement Solutions claims the average retired household received around £1,863 – around 10% of their annual income – from investments and savings in 2007/08 before the

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Government clamps down on pension charges

Its first action will be to ban consultancy charges in automatic enrolment schemes. The government also plans to publish a consultation this autumn which will set out proposals including a

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New state pension explained

Government statistics tell us that for the average pensioner household, state pension is the largest component of income, accounting for nearly a third of total gross income. Next highest is income

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Should I switch to flexible drawdown?

You may still want to look at the flexible drawdown route. What is flexible drawdown? Flexible drawdown is a variant of normal, capped, income drawdown. Money withdrawn from a flexible

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Pensioners doling out cash to kids

The insurer conducted research that showed that 40% of those expecting to start withdrawing from their pensions this year are still providing financial support to a dependant.  An average of

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How to make the most of income drawdown

Now’s not the time to go into the nuts and bolts of what GAD rates are (GAD stands for Government Actuary’s Department). All you really need to know is that

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One way to beat low annuity rates

Conventional annuity rates have been under pressure in recent years. The two core ingredients contributing to this situation – low interest rates and improving life expectancy – are showing no

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Six steps to make the most of your pension

Find out about your company pension scheme The roll out of auto-enrolment in the UK means that many employees who are not a member of their company pension will be

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A cup of coffee or £187,000 to spend in retirement?

Small economies like cutting out a daily coffee or a slice of cake, opting for a simple sandwich over a posh baguette and swapping bottles of designer water for tap