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Draw pension income and reinvest

Figures from Skandia show only one third (35%) of customers in drawdown are taking their full income allowance. Skandia said this means two thirds (65%) of people with money purchase

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Bank of England maintains Bank Rate at 0.5%

The Committee also voted to maintain quantitative easing at £375 billion. Despite signs of recovery in the UK, market interest rates have risen sharply internationally and asset prices have been

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How do I plan my pension?

Many of these will choose to continue working a little longer as they look to top up their retirement income. For those who do want to retire, one important question

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Using pensions to build a business

This isn’t always sufficient motivation for business owners who typically need to invest capital in their business. If you are a business owner, you can build up a tax-efficient pension

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Choosing a SIPP platform

This has meant that some investors may have to consider taking the plunge into the world of DIY investing for the first time. Some will find the transition easy, others

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Political tinkering with pensions

The only meaningful way to save money on state pensions is to raise the state pension age sooner. This could raise an additional £13bn for the government. The triple lock

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Don’t be caught out by the falling lifetime allowance

With a little bit of notice you can plan ahead of the day, look at any alternatives, and take appropriate action. Therefore on the theme of advance warning, from 6

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I could fix my boiler so why not pick my annuity?

Obviously, it had to be simple as it was just a boiler. Needless to say shortly thereafter with my family’s demands for hot water ringing in my ears I phoned

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Understanding pension investment options

Most people don’t understand the different sorts of investments but it’s not as difficult as you might think, particularly if you ignore all the “high-alpha, multi-asset, diversified growth” gobbledegook spewed

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Over half will be on pension poverty line

The number of people saving adequately for retirement is at an all time low. Only 45% are saving enough to ensure a comfortable retirement and one in five are saving