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Getting early access to pension funds

A recent notable exception has been the growth in reports of pensions liberation fraud. In simple terms, pension liberation can occur in any situation where you agree to transfer your

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Where you live affects your annuity

The statistics show Dorset has the best life expectancy at birth and Manchester and Blackpool the worst. Life expectancy at birth is 9.2 years higher for boys born in East

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Investing in residential property through a SIPP

To be clear, I do not expect the review to result in this changing. The review is exploring whether commercial property held by SIPPs or SSASs should be allowed to

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Pension contributions hit new low

Membership of final salary pensions has also declined from 46% of employees in 1997 to just 28% in 2012, almost exclusively now in the public sector. Participation rates of employees

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Pensions – the basics

A pension is a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement. You are allowed to pay a certain amount of money into this pension each year, and as a

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Pay no tax on £98,000 income in retirement

You are probably thinking you don’t believe it. Either that or it is only possible with a few fancy accountant’s tricks or perhaps offshore tax avoidance schemes. However, there are

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Pensions triple lock “doomed”

The original DWP impact assessment showed the cost of the state pension increasing from 6.4% of GDP today to 8.1% of GDP by 2060. Without the reforms, the cost would

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Playing the pensions postcode lottery

The one who tried to persuade you that the leaky roof was actually a fairly unique water feature, the person who sold the Japanese Bind Weed infested lot next door

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Pensioners paying up to 72% tax on lump sum

There is a fair chance therefore that what follows applies to you. What most defined benefit (final salary, average salary) pension members don’t realise is that the tax-free cash which

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Draw pension income and reinvest

Figures from Skandia show only one third (35%) of customers in drawdown are taking their full income allowance. Skandia said this means two thirds (65%) of people with money purchase