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Gilt yields edge back up to 2011 levels

A 60 year old moving into drawdown next month could have a maximum income 15% higher than if they had moved when the yield was 2.00%, less than a year

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Why save in a pension?

This year revealed some stark findings: • One in seven will retire with only the state pension to rely on • State pension accounts for 36% of the average retirement

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Number relying on property as pension rises

Research by Baring Asset Management also suggests 13% of people – nearly 5 million – say they are planning to rent or sell property to fund their retirement, up from

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Viewpoint: A pension or a Porsche?

However, there are 11.5 million monthly unique users of and while I suspect some of these browsers are looking at motorbikes, used cars, vans and caravans, I think many

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Nine in ten stay in auto-enrolled pensions

Department for Work and Pensions research published today gave the first official indication of how well the government’s automatic enrolment scheme to get people saving for their retirement is being

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What does forward guidance mean for my money?

However, the alternative of simply stating that interest rates would remain low for a specific timeframe could arguably have provided even greater certainty and therefore had an even more positive

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How can savers beat low interest rates?

It has also been shown that many people’s personal rate of inflation is even greater than the official rates. A personal rate of inflation looks at the expenditure related to

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Interest rates to stay low while economy is weak

Quantitative easing will also remain in place while the economy – measured by unemployment – is stuck in the doldrums. The only caveat to this will be if inflation expectations

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1% pension charges wipe £1,000 off income

Wake up your Wealth’s calculator shows that a pension charging 1.5% rather than a low cost 0.5% can wipe £1,000 a year off the income received from a retirement pot of

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More over 60s getting divorced hurting pensions

Figures released today by the Office of National Statistics suggest this rise is partly driven by the increasing number of people aged 60 and over living in England and Wales.