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Interest rates to stay low while economy is weak

Quantitative easing will also remain in place while the economy – measured by unemployment – is stuck in the doldrums. The only caveat to this will be if inflation expectations

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1% pension charges wipe £1,000 off income

Wake up your Wealth’s calculator shows that a pension charging 1.5% rather than a low cost 0.5% can wipe £1,000 a year off the income received from a retirement pot of

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More over 60s getting divorced hurting pensions

Figures released today by the Office of National Statistics suggest this rise is partly driven by the increasing number of people aged 60 and over living in England and Wales.

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Employers costing pension savings billions

The switch from final salary schemes to defined contribution schemes in the private sector is costing workers up £1.27bn a year in lost pension contributions, analysis from leading retirement income

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How to hit your retirement income target

How much each employee receives in retirement will depend on various factors such as when they start saving, investment returns, charges, annuity rates and most importantly of all, how much

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Are you claiming pension credits?

With figures from Department for Work and Pensions indicating that up to £2.8bn in pension credit is not taken up, it is thought that about one in three of those

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Boost state pension looking after grandchildren

Many working-age grandmothers and fathers could qualify for Class 3 National Insurance credits for looking after children aged under 12 – which can be used to top up their income

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Pret a pension – how much could you save?

Spending £6 on lunch at Pret A Manger 16 times in a month costs £96. If a 25-year-old were to put that money into a pension instead, Liberty SIPP suggests

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How do I choose a pension?

However, the landscape has changed considerably in recent years and an annuity is not the only option. Here is a brief guide to the options available to you. Fixed or

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Getting early access to pension funds

A recent notable exception has been the growth in reports of pensions liberation fraud. In simple terms, pension liberation can occur in any situation where you agree to transfer your