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Retirees face income fall of a third

People living in London are likely to be worst hit, suffering an average income fall of 48% while those in the East of England will see 40% wiped off their

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Are you missing out on the best annuity rates?

A study by the Association of British Insurers has revealed that although 89% are happy with their annuity choices just 66% were aware they could potentially have got a higher

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Perfect pensions storm brewing

Research from Scottish Widows suggests fewer than half (45%) of those who could and should be preparing financially for their old age are currently saving enough. And one in five

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The benefits of income drawdown

So what exactly is it? Drawdown is basically the alternative, as you approach retirement, to taking an annuity. If you take an annuity your pension fund is effectively handed over

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Beating inflation and taking an income

This is something of a relief for many when we consider the amount of bad news that usually stacks up during a period of economic uncertainty. However, we’re not in

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New Bank chief could pile pressure on pensions

The warning comes from deVere Group’s chief executive Nigel Green who claims Carney’s final speech as the governor of the Bank of Canada praising Japan’s “bold policy experiment” to increase

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Pensions and investment costs hit by Scottish independence

The report from the Treasury suggests that if Scottish voters decide on independence in September 2014 the financial services market would suffer “significant disruption”. And it claimed that the costs

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How does income drawdown work?

What now? Research we have carried out with Sippdeal investors has demonstrated that many view the decision on choosing how to take your income from your retirement savings as one

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Understanding the Pensions Bill

Indeed, this event was rather overshadowed by another retirement related topic as Sir Alex stepped down and Manchester United shares fell by 4%. However, while Manchester United (and potentially Everton)

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Why pension liberation is a complete scam

I have received several of these and every time I do, I get so angry. In fact, after receiving one yesterday it has spurred me into writing this blog because