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Pensions triple lock “doomed”

The original DWP impact assessment showed the cost of the state pension increasing from 6.4% of GDP today to 8.1% of GDP by 2060. Without the reforms, the cost would


Bernanke reassures investors on QE

Stock markets had fallen away from recent highs following comments in May and June by Bernanke that the Fed will look to taper the rate of QE. Initially investors appeared


Royal Mail to go private

The state-owned postal service could be valued up to as much as £3bn in an initial public offering taking place this year. Richard Hunter, head of equities at Hargreaves Lansdown,

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Pensioners paying up to 72% tax on lump sum

There is a fair chance therefore that what follows applies to you. What most defined benefit (final salary, average salary) pension members don’t realise is that the tax-free cash which


Fund in focus: Schroder Income fund

The Schroder Income fund has been managed by Kevin Murphy and Nick Kirrage since May 2010 and in order to achieve its income aim, the fund holds value-oriented large and

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Parents underestimating university fees

The average debt students expect to leave university with is £24,436, with parents’ estimates further away still, at an average of £18,333. So while parents expect to dig deep to

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Fine wine sees summer lull

Returns on the first growths were all closely bunched, with Latour just managing to break into positive territory. The others all showed a fall of around 0.5% on the month.


Property market slowly recovering

Some 21% more chartered surveyors reported prices rose rather than fell in June, making this the strongest month for house prices since January 2010. The outlook for future prices is

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Draw pension income and reinvest

Figures from Skandia show only one third (35%) of customers in drawdown are taking their full income allowance. Skandia said this means two thirds (65%) of people with money purchase


Viewpoint: Don’t lose faith in equities

“I have been arguing for some time that we need to see a low volatility environment as a precondition for a rerating of equities. “In 2008, volatility spiked into the