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Hidden execution-only fund charges banned

The financial regulator has issued new rules banning execution-only platforms from taking “rebates” from fund managers – often taken directly out of the customer’s annual fund management charge. Instead, execution-only


Heavy penalties in store for late tax returns

Taxpayers who missed the 31 January deadline for online returns are already liable for a £100 penalty for late payment, but from May 1st they also face an additional penalty

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Pensioners doling out cash to kids

The insurer conducted research that showed that 40% of those expecting to start withdrawing from their pensions this year are still providing financial support to a dependant.  An average of

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UK avoids triple dip: Investors warned not to overpay for safehavens

Despite the uplift the statistics still suggest that underlying growth is flat lining with first quarter GDP estimated to be 2.6% below the peak in Q1 2008. The marginal improvement

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Cheap mortgages and low savings rates will continue

The scheme offers banks and other lenders cheap funding if they can show they are lending more to families through mortgages and to small businesses. The Treasury said the latest


Analysis: Investing in Japan

This is a reversal of performance over the past ten years when the average investment company from both Japanese sectors have underperformed the average investment company. Despite this recent improvement


Oil prices will recover

Damaskos, fund adviser to Junior Oils Trust, said he believed recent pressure on oil prices was unlikely to last as “the fundamentals point to higher oil prices” and “short-term sentiment”

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A cup of coffee or £187,000 to spend in retirement?

Small economies like cutting out a daily coffee or a slice of cake, opting for a simple sandwich over a posh baguette and swapping bottles of designer water for tap


Family loans are ruining relationships

It has conducted research suggesting under half of people who loan to family and friends say they’re repaid on time and in full. Almost 19 million (37%) of us have


French mortgage finance cheapest in 65 years

A 20-year fixed rate mortgage now stands at 3.35% and 20-year tracker mortgages start from 2%, claims mortgage firm Athena Advisors. The cost for a €100,000 loan has now dropped