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Viewpoint: Would you tear up a £50 note?

I would now like to touch on the second: managing your personal tax position, using the appropriate tax wrappers and all of your available tax reliefs and exemptions. The reason


Viewpoint: Tax dodgers and morality are strange bedfellows

I am minded as I start a monthly series of articles in Every Investor to do likewise. Alas I can find little to laugh about when it comes to tax

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Viewpoint: The search for income

Furthermore, there are no signs of this changing any time soon under the new Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, who just chaired his third rate setting meeting on 1

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Buy-to-let investment continues recovery

Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders also suggest landlords seem to be investing in higher value property – at £5.1bn, the value of loans advanced was up by 31%

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Viewpoint: A pension or a Porsche?

However, there are 11.5 million monthly unique users of and while I suspect some of these browsers are looking at motorbikes, used cars, vans and caravans, I think many

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Nine in ten stay in auto-enrolled pensions

Department for Work and Pensions research published today gave the first official indication of how well the government’s automatic enrolment scheme to get people saving for their retirement is being

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How can savers beat low interest rates?

It has also been shown that many people’s personal rate of inflation is even greater than the official rates. A personal rate of inflation looks at the expenditure related to

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Interest rates to stay low while economy is weak

Quantitative easing will also remain in place while the economy – measured by unemployment – is stuck in the doldrums. The only caveat to this will be if inflation expectations

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Two in five plan a family without secure finance

Some 41% of UK adults who expect to become a parent in the future say it’s unlikely they or their partner will have a secure job when they do and

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1% pension charges wipe £1,000 off income

Wake up your Wealth’s calculator shows that a pension charging 1.5% rather than a low cost 0.5% can wipe £1,000 a year off the income received from a retirement pot of