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Japan economy growing faster than thought

If it keeps up this rate of expansion annual growth would be 3.8%, driven by both personal spending and exports. It follows aggressive quantitative easing and a plan to strip

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TSB Bank launch sees 4.6 million customers transfer

Customers will have rebranded debit and credit cards and bank letterheads and a new TSB website is launching today but bank account numbers and sort codes will remain the same.


Viewpoint: Europe is gaining momentum

Over the past year, the Europe and European Smaller Companies sectors have outperformed the average investment company significantly, up 31% and 50% respectively. Over the longer term the European sectors


UK economy suffers a bump

Industrial output was flat in July from the month before, failing to hit expectations of a 0.1% uptick building on June’s growth of 1.3%. Manufacturing was also 0.1% lower than

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Viewpoint: Beware of a government bearing gifts

The tax relief the government grants for ISA savings was worth an estimated £1.75bn in 2011/12, with this figure rising year by year. Despite this direct and considerable cost to

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Viewpoint: Financial advice deserves to be trusted

Those who have never engaged with a qualified financial adviser might be confused about the benefits or even suspicious of doing so because of widely reported mis-selling issues during the


Viewpoint: US tapering not fully priced into markets yet

The big event is the Federal Reserve Bank’s open market committee meeting which concludes on 18 September. Since Fed chairman Ben Bernanke first introduced the concept of tapering, the Fed’s

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Towry confirms deal to buy advisers Bluefin

The transaction for an undisclosed sum is expected to complete in the fourth quarter of 2013. Bluefin offers comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to individuals across the UK


More mortgages, more homes – what should you do?

This includes 3,749 people who have been helped to buy newly built homes through the industry-led NewBuy scheme since its launch in March 2012. NewBuy was followed with the Help

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Bank rate and quantitative easing stay on hold

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee also voted to maintain quantitative easing at £375bn. It is the first time the committee has met to decide monetary policy following governor