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Viewpoint: Diversity matters for democratic finance

Don’t believe it when you are told the world of finance is necessarily slow to change and adapt. The past ten years have seen a revolution in the choice available

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Does it pay to delay annuity purchase?

Delaying your annuity purchase by just two years means you will receive a higher income because of your age but research from MGM Advatage suggests it could take between 37


Viewpoint: Chinese growth fears unfounded

“The Beijing government’s liberalisation and deregulation measures will have a negative impact on economic growth in the short term but they will be largely offset by current or future supportive


China joins G20 efforts to end tax evasion

All G20 countries have now fulfilled the commitment they made at the Cannes G20 Summit to sign the multilateral convention on mutual administrative assistance in tax. Tax authorities worldwide are


£224 for back to school kit

Research by Santander Credit Cards also claims the cost of keeping under 18s across the UK in school once term begins totals £447m per week. This works out at roughly


Private investors turn to cash then equities

A report from Lloyds TSB Private Banking showed more investors took their chances converting their wealth into cash than invested in equities or fixed income – despite inflation still running


Banks hoarding cash as mortgage loans fall

The total lent rose however, with figures from the British Bankers’ Association showing seasonally adjusted gross mortgage lending hit £9.1bn in July up from £8.9bn in June. Gross lending is

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UK recovery stronger than thought

The Office of National Statistics said the upwards revision to GDP between the first and second estimate was due to small upwards revisions across a number of the main industrial

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April 2014 deadline to protect £1.5m pension allowance

The reason for change was that, by 2006, there were eight distinct pension regimes built up over 40 years of pension interference.  The key was the introduction of a pension

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Fifty-somethings cutting back pension contributions

Retirement specialists Responsible Equity Release said people in their 50s traditionally increase pension payments as retirement approaches in order to maximize their pensions pots but their latest research suggests that