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Cost of living sees temporary reprieve

By far the largest downward contribution came from transport costs (notably motor fuels and air fares) while the only notable upward contribution came from price movements for food & non-alcoholic

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Pensions and investment costs hit by Scottish independence

The report from the Treasury suggests that if Scottish voters decide on independence in September 2014 the financial services market would suffer “significant disruption”. And it claimed that the costs

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Standard Life to pay customers’ 2013 tax rebates

The group has agreed with HMRC to pay the mutual fund rebate income tax liability until the end of December 2013 on behalf of all Standard Life Wrap and FundZone


City fat cat tax will hit pensioners

The chief executive of the deVere Group, Nigel Green, hit out against the proposed tax after the Association for Financial Markets in Europe published a report warning the European Commission

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High inflation forecast to continue

A new report from the Ernst & Young ITEM club has forecast that Consumer Price Index inflation is set to move above 3% this summer – albeit briefly – and


Don’t get stung with charges on holiday

Research by has revealed many banks are now charging a double whammy of fees on all overseas spending. One in four consumers plans to use a credit card to

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Online fine wine exchange launches

The Fine Wine Exchange offers portfolio management, comprehensive valuation, comparison and analysis tools and aims to make sourcing and selling wine fast, simple and safe. Members can buy wine that

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Why pension liberation is a complete scam

I have received several of these and every time I do, I get so angry. In fact, after receiving one yesterday it has spurred me into writing this blog because


How to invest for long term income

But Nick Clay from Newton Investments believes there are a few simple steps to bear in mind when trying to generate an income long term. He said equity valuation at

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IFAs abandoning middle income investors

The Financial Conduct Authority claims it has seen IFAs move further up the wealth scale in a bid to stay in business after regulation came in at the start of