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New build will see further price premium

Capital Economics, an analysis firm, is warning that the “new build premium” on selling prices for new homes is likely to rise as a direct result of government support in

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Bank of granny and grandpa underwriting parents

Research from J.P. Morgan Asset Management claims only 1% of those surveyed said they give their grown-up children money advice all the time and are actively managing their children’s finances,

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Carney prepared to curb mortgage lending

Speaking at a business lunch hosted by the CBI in the East Midlands today he also took the opportunity to defend forward guidance – measures he set out earlier this


Nationwide offers to buy back PIBS

Retail investors holding less than £100,000 in Nationwide PIBS have until 4pm on 24 September 2013 to sell their shares back to the society. Permanent interest bearing shares (PIBS) are


London, Scotland and Wales see first-time buyer boost

Meanwhile more first-time buyers were given loans in the second quarter of 2013 in Wales than in any other single quarter since the end of 2007 and first-time buyers in

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Viewpoint: Diversity matters for democratic finance

Don’t believe it when you are told the world of finance is necessarily slow to change and adapt. The past ten years have seen a revolution in the choice available

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Does it pay to delay annuity purchase?

Delaying your annuity purchase by just two years means you will receive a higher income because of your age but research from MGM Advatage suggests it could take between 37


Viewpoint: Chinese growth fears unfounded

“The Beijing government’s liberalisation and deregulation measures will have a negative impact on economic growth in the short term but they will be largely offset by current or future supportive


China joins G20 efforts to end tax evasion

All G20 countries have now fulfilled the commitment they made at the Cannes G20 Summit to sign the multilateral convention on mutual administrative assistance in tax. Tax authorities worldwide are


£224 for back to school kit

Research by Santander Credit Cards also claims the cost of keeping under 18s across the UK in school once term begins totals £447m per week. This works out at roughly