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Check your credit with Experian CreditExpert

In today’s credit-based economy, knowing how your credit history measures up is as necessary as handing over a credit card to pay for a big purchase. If you’re making an


Treasury denies putting pressure on Help to Buy

After announcing strong results earlier this month Nationwide has confirmed it has no plans to offer the second phase of Help to Buy suggesting it can fund 95% mortgages more

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What are the tax benefits of EIS and VCTs?

My last article Venture Capital Trusts and Enterprise Investment Schemes – a risk worth taking? looked at the nature and structure of these investment mediums, the risks involved and also

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Now grandparents are asking their children for money

On average they gave £2,251 to help parents with ad-hoc expenses such as shopping, holidays and utility bills. Some grandparents now find themselves helping their own parents too. In the


Mortgage lending life support switched off

The Funding for Lending Scheme currently offers banks cheaper cost of funds from the Bank of England if they can prove they lend those funds to households through residential mortgages

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Political point scoring on pensions stops people saving

Research from Bestinvest published today showed a further third of people said the most discouraging factor stopping them from saving into a pension was that the rules kept changing. And


Royal Mail – the investment case for holding shares

Gradual but terminal decline of the letters business is an ongoing challenge, whilst the dividend yield has suffered as a result of the share price appreciation. Standing at an estimated

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Savers call on Treasury not to cap ISAs

Research from discount broker Willis Owen claims there is clear evidence that a cap would reduce the attractiveness of ISAs, dampen people’s desire to invest and save and undermine wider efforts


Are financial advisers still hiding charges?

Research compiled by analysis firm Compeer and accountancy firm Ernst & Young has revealed 13% of investors with more than £50,000 to invest believe their adviser is “hiding the true


How to work out if charges are too high

However charges can vary from vendor to vendor. And service can vary from vendor to vendor too. It is important to understand what you are paying to assess whether this