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Facebook buys WhatsApp – how can you invest in tech?

The $19bn acquisition of WhatsApp just six years after it was founded is a reminder of the huge growth potential of technology companies. The technology sector is alive and well.


Viewpoint: China critics underestimate reform zeal

“The naysayers of China’s economic boom are surfacing again, warning all those who care to listen that the country’s debt-fuelled growth will eventually prove its undoing. Their concerns are in


Viewpoint: Six stocks for your ISA

National Grid (FTSE 100) – a lower-risk option for income-seekers National Grid has overcome some regulatory issues in 2013 and is looking to invest roughly £26bn over the next seven

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Viewpoint: Don’t fall for the ISA season hype

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. ISAs offer valuable tax breaks, but the allowance can’t be carried over from one tax year to the next. So if you don’t use

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Don’t be conned when investing in fine wine

In its opinion most of the problems seen in this market relate to valuations, storage and pricing transparency. To help investors avoid these pitfalls and to benefit from the positive


UK company results improve as profits jump

Companies which had financial year ends in the third quarter and which published their annual results by the end of December 2013 grew their total revenues 3.0% to £109.8bn. Although


Thinking of tax efficient EIS investing?

But while ISAs are the mainstay of tax-efficient investing, they do carry relatively low annual limits of £11,760 for the 2014/15 tax year, with a maximum of £5,880 being in


Investor confidence in emerging markets fails

The research showed that while confidence overall changed little over the past 12 months, the same cannot be said for confidence in emerging markets, which has gone from being the

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Annuity sales collapsed last year

This fall in annuity sales comes against a backdrop of the baby-boomers hitting their mid sixties. It would be logical to expect a surge in annuity sales, based purely on

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House prices rise while inflation falls

The average UK house price meanwhile reached £250,000 in December 2013 but despite positive performance across Britain, England is the only UK country where property prices are now higher than