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End of long term love affair with equities

In its eleventh annual asset management survey The Investment Management Association said there is an ongoing trend towards de-risking which can be seen in changes to asset allocation. While the


L&G reports strong Q2 results

Strong dividend growth also continued with the interim dividend up 22%. Sheridan Admans, investment research manager at The Share Centre, said dividend growth has been strong in recent years and

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Viewpoint: Into or out of Africa?

No one tests the depth of a river with both feet (African Proverb) UK mobile phone signals are often patchy. I have to leave my house and stand on the

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Gold funds top July performance tables

Investor confidence returned in July as the US Federal Open Market Committee confirmed it would continue purchasing $85 billion a month of mortgage backed securities and longer-term treasuries. Fed chairman


How to get DIY investing right for you

And let’s not forget that the growth in self-directed investing has also been given a helping hand by the withdrawal of high street banks from large parts of the advice

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Viewpoint: Investing in AIM could combat IHT

It may not seem particularly special, but these new rules should, finally, give this market the spotlight it deserves. Unfortunately, this new prominence is also likely to resurrect all the

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Employers costing pension savings billions

The switch from final salary schemes to defined contribution schemes in the private sector is costing workers up £1.27bn a year in lost pension contributions, analysis from leading retirement income

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One in three won’t pay for advice

Research from GfK found 340,000 clients out of a million who took financial advice since 2008 don’t see the value in paying for that advice following regulation brought in at


FTSE 250 hits record high – time to invest?

This reflects, in part, the growing confidence that a sustained recovery is underway in the UK. It is a segment of the market which has much greater exposure to the

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Viewpoint: Is financial advice worth it?

The increasing integration of technology and use of the internet in our lives has led to the development of useful consumer websites and tools designed to help us select investment