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What are the mortgage options for contractors?

This week niche lender Kensington, part of investment bank Investec, has launched a mortgage specifically designed for contract workers in England and Wales. Contractors have to have been employed for

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Tax tips for pension contributions

  It is at this time of year we are often approached by individuals realising their amount of tax payable and hoping that a tax allowable pension contribution will mitigate


How to get more income for only a little more risk

“Despite falling in recent months, inflation it is still above the government’s 2% target – where it has remained since 2009 – and the historically low Bank of England base

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Young Money: 20 year olds want more bank branches

A new study into how Brits in their twenties think about money claims that six in ten British twenty somethings want branches to open longer into the evenings and at

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How to choose a wealth manager

How do you know which wealth manager is right for you? Who do you ask? Traditionally a trusted lawyer or accountant would have pointed you in the right direction or


Did equity markets peak in 2013?

UK, European and global funds led the popularity tables but Japanese equity funds, long out of favour with investors, have also posted their highest net sales since February 2011. It


Six investment risks to watch out for in 2014

Markets like to climb a “wall of worry”, something ably demonstrated over the course of last year. Yet now asset prices are higher, the risks are greater, and some of

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Tax benefits and other tips for giving to charity

Here are 10 tips to improve your giving experience in 2014. 1.    Use Gift Aid If not already part of your charitable giving efforts, vow to understand and make use

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Can I invest my pension in gold?

This naturally rules out cars, tapestry and fine wine but also commodities and precious metals such as copper and silver. An exception, though, is gold (well, some types of gold).


Is there hope for beleaguered with-profits investors?

For example a Scottish Widows £200 a month 20 year pension would have paid out £97,328 if it matured in 2008 but only £67,934 if it matured last year. Similarly