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The Best Countries For Retirement

Spain, Portugal and Malta are usually among the top countries for retirement according to various reports and rankings. Although Greece is rarely included in such lists, it has a number

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A “trading break” is always welcome

  Political events are weighing heavily upon my chosen currencies right now making them pretty hard to predict and whilst my views remain the same there are times to trade

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What to make of these markets…?

What to make of these markets…? Euro$ On the 29th of August, 8th of September and 22nd of September this year the Euro$ pairing gave us warning of potential price

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Today it is all about the U.S $

Morning all. Today it is all about the U.S $ With a new Chair, Jerome Powell, at the Fed we can expect changes in the future but today is Non Farm

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Will Carney actually hold off and possibly wipe out the Pound’s recent gains..?

Morning all. Today all eyes will be focused on whether the Bank of England raises rates for over a decade as well as what happens at the Fed with the new Chair

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I guess we can assume Yen stability

Without going into detail it looks like the Bank of Japan is keeping up with its current policy of monetary easing and as such the impact of this resulted pretty

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Interest rate announcements are all over the week.

Morning. The Euro collapsed as the ECB announced that it will be halving the QE program to 30€ billion through September 2018 and possibly beyond. The crisis in Spain continues,

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Is this the lull before the storm..?

Good morning. Is this the lull before the storm..? I sense some very nervous markets right now. Some are saying that if we do not get the Brexit deal underway

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Remember this – the market is not driven by charts

Morning all. Euro$ did exactly what was expected yesterday and tested 1.1850 at the end of the day and this morning sits just above at 1.1860. Technically speaking it’s in

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Euro$ creeps up to test my magic number

Morning. Already the market is showing signs of being a relatively quiet day. Euro$ creeps up to test my magic number at 1.1850 with a view to break that level