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Global share dividends top $1 trillion

The world’s listed companies delivered $1.027 trillion in dividends during the year, an increase of $310bn, or 43.2%, since 2009. In that year, which marked a post-financial crisis low point

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Stick with Edinburgh Investment Trust under Barnett

He already manages Perpetual Income & Growth investment trust, Keystone IT and Invesco Perpetual Select UK Equity. Over five years to 31 December 2013 Barnett has returned 130.7% (Perpetual Income

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UK smaller companies sector outperformed in 2013

Interestingly, 2013 was particularly successful for the more developed markets. The top performing investment company sector in 2013 was UK smaller companies, up 49%. Yet whilst this sector has often

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Best and worst funds in 2013

While looking at the relative performance of funds is important, we go further, seeking to understand how and why a fund has outperformed or underperformed and whether this is repeatable.

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Saving for children is for life, but Christmas is a start

Long term potential Investment companies have become extremely popular when it comes to saving for children, allowing parents to tap into the long term potential of the stock market. A

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Top investment trusts in 2013

In share price total return terms this is nine percentage points higher than the previous twelve months. Figures from the Association of Investment Companies also revealed the average investment company

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Five predictions for Asia over the next five years

“Investors have turned to Asia in their search for income, with its 14 distinctive markets providing a multitude of opportunities for diversifying income sources,” he said. “Confidence in the region

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Technology is a fully-fledged bull market

NASDAQ is up 30% year to date as of end October in US Dollar terms and is the best performing global market in 2013 with the exception of Japan. This

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Debt, infrastructure and alternative energy offer income opportunities

Those investment companies traditionally associated with yield are still, in many cases, trading on a premium, or close to par (the value of their underlying assets). In short, many investors

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Offshore assets still subject to IHT

Skandia has warned that once assets become regularised they become visible to the UK authorities meaning investors will need to start reporting on the assets every year via their tax