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10 Differences between investment trusts and unit trusts

  1)    Closed-ended rather than open-ended Investment trusts are ‘closed-ended’ investments, usually with a fixed number of shares in issue. This effectively means investment trust managers have a fixed

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Invesco Perpetual fined £18.6m for fund management failings

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has fined Invesco Asset Management Limited and Invesco Fund Managers Limited (Invesco Perpetual) £18,643,000 for exposing investors to greater levels of risk than they had

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Embrace the bull in the China shop

The thrust of most negative reports focus on six key issues: that China has grown at an unprecedented rate; has a lot of debt; struggles with corruption; has unreliable statistics;

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Budget 2014: George Osborne’s speech in full

Mr Deputy Speaker, I can report today that the economy is continuing to recover – and recovering faster than forecast. We set out our plan. And together with the British

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Why are we still talking Japanese?

While further yen weakness is not central to our forecasts, we believe it is worthwhile to leave the hedge in place to mitigate the tail risk that the unprecedented increase

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Investors push shares to new highs

The global asset manager believes that US large-cap stocks are now trading at over 17 times trailing earnings, close to the multi-year highs seen late last year. Similar trends are

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Global share dividends top $1 trillion

The world’s listed companies delivered $1.027 trillion in dividends during the year, an increase of $310bn, or 43.2%, since 2009. In that year, which marked a post-financial crisis low point

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Stick with Edinburgh Investment Trust under Barnett

He already manages Perpetual Income & Growth investment trust, Keystone IT and Invesco Perpetual Select UK Equity. Over five years to 31 December 2013 Barnett has returned 130.7% (Perpetual Income

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UK smaller companies sector outperformed in 2013

Interestingly, 2013 was particularly successful for the more developed markets. The top performing investment company sector in 2013 was UK smaller companies, up 49%. Yet whilst this sector has often

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Best and worst funds in 2013

While looking at the relative performance of funds is important, we go further, seeking to understand how and why a fund has outperformed or underperformed and whether this is repeatable.