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Chart of the week: top 10 funds over 10 years

For those wondering which fund to invest in, it may be worth considering one of the funds below. All of them have been outstanding performers over the past 10 years.

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Soc Gen’s global strategist warns on US ‘recovery’

Albert Edwards, global strategist at Societe Generale, has warned that investors are ignoring a “savage deterioration in US profits” as they send equity markets to record highs. In his weekly

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A must watch: the Keiser Report

For those who want a deeper insight into what’s really happening in the global economy and the world of finance, the Keiser Report is well worth watching. Max Keiser can

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Access pensions in haste: repent at leisure

2014 saw the biggest change in pensions legislation for decades. Widespread reforms that include liberalisation of access to money purchase pension funds from age 55 and the ability to pass

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FCA warns on crowdfunding promotions

In a document released this week the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned that many promotions for investments via crowdfunding websites, including mini-bonds, provide insufficient warning of the risks to

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Interview with fund manager Rory Gillen

Rory Gillen founded GillenMarkets.com in 2009 and manages two funds for it. He recently authored a good book on investing, entitled 3 Steps to Investment Success. Here he answers questions

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Six key points about Greece’s debt

The Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, visited Chancellor George Osbourne today to argue for Greece’s debts to be renegotiated. Here are the reasons why it makes sense to do just that.

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Quantitative Easing: what it is and how it works

There’s a lot of nonsense spoken about Quantitative Easing, much of it by politicians, financial ‘experts’ and economists. The nonsensical mantra that it is ‘good’ for an economy is then repeated endlessly by

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Many General Retailers are in poor financial health

Following its recent research into quoted UK supermarket companies Company Watch, the corporate financial health monitoring specialist, has turned its attention to the quoted General Retailers to assess their financial

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For 2015 preparedness trumps prediction

Early January is usually spent trying to foresee what lies in store for the year ahead. However, experience shows that doing so concerning financial markets often proves presumptuous. Let us