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How to generate investment income

Fidelity Worldwide Investment has compared the yields available before the financial crisis to today. It found the only asset class currently offering higher yields than before the start of the


China still offers value long term

Concerns over the banking system and fears the Chinese leadership are not doing enough to manage the economic slowdown and avoid a crash are keeping investors away. Data released this

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Buy-to-let: choosing the right tenants

It’s a good idea to try to match the type of tenant to both the property and the area in which it is located. For example, it might sound clichéd

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Pensions – the basics

A pension is a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement. You are allowed to pay a certain amount of money into this pension each year, and as a

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Improve your claim chances with critical illness

Traditional CI plans pay the full amount in the event of a claim but only if the condition is serious enough. Severity based cover, which is also referred to as

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Pay no tax on £98,000 income in retirement

You are probably thinking you don’t believe it. Either that or it is only possible with a few fancy accountant’s tricks or perhaps offshore tax avoidance schemes. However, there are

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Has commercial property turned a corner?

In addition it can provide an element of inflation protection and importantly provides diversification due to its low correlation with gilts and equities. While this cannot be guaranteed in the

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Five rules for successful investing

Diversify Choosing exactly what to invest in can be a daunting task. Shares in UK companies, those from overseas, property or many different kinds of bonds: which of those is

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So gold can go rusty after all

For others it is a problematic, non-productive asset class that is difficult to ascribe a fundamental value to. For the economist Keynes, gold was simply regarded as a “barbarous relic”.

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Playing the pensions postcode lottery

The one who tried to persuade you that the leaky roof was actually a fairly unique water feature, the person who sold the Japanese Bind Weed infested lot next door