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A Japanese correction

The strong performance continued when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was elected in December 2012. However over the past week the Nikkei 225 has fallen over 2,100 points or 13%. This

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The benefits of income drawdown

So what exactly is it? Drawdown is basically the alternative, as you approach retirement, to taking an annuity. If you take an annuity your pension fund is effectively handed over


Central bank obsession leading to volatile markets

Investors are now parsing any central bank utterance for the slightest change in language or tone. Last week was a clear example of that process in action since the uptick


We all need help to buy

Most of the brokers I speak to are all saying that they have not been this busy since before Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy: enquiry levels are up, lenders are


Bull market run not done yet

But following the volatility of recent years and the “lost decade” for markets, I think many of us are guilty more recently of forgetting that sometimes markets can go up

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Don’t be un-done by unregulated investments

Whilst there are many legitimate alternative investments which can deliver high returns, the alerts highlight the need for caution before investing. Here are four questions to ask yourself before you

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Protecting your children

In 2008 I did a bike ride for charity; a friend of mine was cycling 400 miles with 9 other blokes from Scotland to Derby, and, me being me, I


Know your fund manager

Active fund management is a people business and while there are some products managed with a genuine team approach or automated process, in most cases performance is ultimately down to

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Beating inflation and taking an income

This is something of a relief for many when we consider the amount of bad news that usually stacks up during a period of economic uncertainty. However, we’re not in


Risk and reward in investing

It could lead to a loss in your hard earned money that you were not prepared to make or a shortfall in attempting to meet your objective. Some of the