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Destination unknown: how to plan your financial journey

My guess is the answer is no – at least not before my favourite invention the sat-nav was released. Financial planning is like using the latest sat-nav system, as your


Economic data powers US stocks forward

The consensus among economists was that the data would show that the United States grew around 1% in the final quarter of 2012, but the data actually showed that the

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Rock bottom rates cost savers hundreds

A saver with £5,000, for example, could have lost more than £400 in gross interest over the four year period. Later this week the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee

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Invest in other people’s success

SMEs are at the heart of UK economy and contributed 40% of GDP in 2010 but since the onset of the financial crisis banks have been lending less and less

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Offshore centres offer financial stability for international investors

As far as international finance centres (IFCs) are concerned, however, there is still a great deal of interest in using them for investment and wealth planning purposes. In Jersey, for


The cheapest isn’t always the best

New rules came into force at the beginning of the year which will impact upon you if you take investment or financial advice. Financial advisers can no longer be paid


Ignore the market and invest better

Ever wondered why you keep making the same investment mistakes? The predominant economic and financial theories are based on the assumption that individuals act rationally and are able to absorb


European equities look cheap

Investors have underestimated the will there is in Europe to preserve the euro causing some investment firms to suggest European equities now look cheap. For the past three years fears


Economics: the good, the slightly bad and the somewhat ugly

While the economic landscape is not ideal, as long as the United States stays out of recession, the environment should be decent for both stocks and credit-related fixed income sectors.


Is DIY investing the future?

Research undertaken by Hargreaves Lansdown shows just 4% will look to an adviser to help them with all their decisions. But advice is still an important option. When seeking advice,