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How do I plan my pension?

Many of these will choose to continue working a little longer as they look to top up their retirement income. For those who do want to retire, one important question

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How much cash is the right amount?

This because it affords you an absolutely vital commodity: time. That is, the time for your other investments to do what you would like them to do and most importantly

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Invest in property without bricks and mortar

You had to go out and find a place, perhaps furnish it, find a tenant, collect the rent, maintain the property – all quite time consuming and risky. The risks


How to pick an execution-only broker

There is no correct or incorrect answer as what is the right investment. It varies according to who is investing and is dependent on a number of factors, including your

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Protection with a cherry on top

The average cost of basic life insurance has halved in a decade. Price is one indicator of value for money when purchasing protection but it’s not the only one. When

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Young Money: a guide to peer-to-peer lending

It gives lenders the opportunity to earn more lucrative rates of interest than they might from a conventional savings account or current account – in some cases up to 10%.


Beware the risks of retail bonds

Cash investments are invariably paying less than the rate of inflation, meaning cash savers are losing money in real terms, fixed interest is demonstrating higher than normal levels of volatility

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Using pensions to build a business

This isn’t always sufficient motivation for business owners who typically need to invest capital in their business. If you are a business owner, you can build up a tax-efficient pension


Will the bond bubble burst?

Since the financial crisis started more than five years ago, markets have become accustomed to being supported by central bankers and, faced with having to support themselves, fear has once

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Choosing a SIPP platform

This has meant that some investors may have to consider taking the plunge into the world of DIY investing for the first time. Some will find the transition easy, others