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What to invest in for children

When the child reaches 18 they are entitled to full access to their investments and savings and can use that money to get a foot on the ladder; either to


Would Sir like advice or guidance with his investments?

Unless your business model is to hire people who have been trained, passed all the exams, have been approved by the regulator to give financial “Advice” and you have lots


Jam today: Choosing an investment fund

First was the investment fund/opportunity driving the appropriate level of return, hopefully tailored to your attitude to risk (maybe after using a risk questionnaire). Second was managing your personal tax


Philanthropy: what does that mean to me?

There are several reasons for philanthropy’s elevated and more frequent appearance in the headlines, but it often comes down to the fact that the level of national debt has exploded


Viewpoint: Japan could soar on election

The parliamentary vote is being seen as a vote of confidence in Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the ruling conservative Liberal Democratic Party. Currently opposition parties are able to block

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Investing in residential property through a SIPP

To be clear, I do not expect the review to result in this changing. The review is exploring whether commercial property held by SIPPs or SSASs should be allowed to

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How to generate investment income

Fidelity Worldwide Investment has compared the yields available before the financial crisis to today. It found the only asset class currently offering higher yields than before the start of the


China still offers value long term

Concerns over the banking system and fears the Chinese leadership are not doing enough to manage the economic slowdown and avoid a crash are keeping investors away. Data released this

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Buy-to-let: choosing the right tenants

It’s a good idea to try to match the type of tenant to both the property and the area in which it is located. For example, it might sound clichéd

Analysis , Property

Pensions – the basics

A pension is a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement. You are allowed to pay a certain amount of money into this pension each year, and as a