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Has commercial property turned a corner?

In addition it can provide an element of inflation protection and importantly provides diversification due to its low correlation with gilts and equities. While this cannot be guaranteed in the

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Five rules for successful investing

Diversify Choosing exactly what to invest in can be a daunting task. Shares in UK companies, those from overseas, property or many different kinds of bonds: which of those is

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So gold can go rusty after all

For others it is a problematic, non-productive asset class that is difficult to ascribe a fundamental value to. For the economist Keynes, gold was simply regarded as a “barbarous relic”.

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Playing the pensions postcode lottery

The one who tried to persuade you that the leaky roof was actually a fairly unique water feature, the person who sold the Japanese Bind Weed infested lot next door

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Understanding AIM and ISAs

The new rules improve the choice for investors and are expected to allow up to 1,000 AIM stock to be held in stocks and shares ISAs. Patrick Connolly, certified financial


Central banks and knee jerk markets

Central bankers are having a big impact and in the UK there are two recent examples I have in mind. One was the debate that was sparked following the executive


US: stocks stable but risks rise

While June’s non-farm payrolls report of 195,000 new jobs was by no means the long hoped for breakout in the labour market, it was consistent with the 190,000 average for

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Understanding structured products: search for yield

Income can be essential to good financial planning in different ways, from providing for children’s school fees to boosting pension payments in retirement age. But persistently low interest rates have

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Zurich joins critical illness mass

Zurich is the last of the companies which market via financial advisers to introduce partial payment conditions. For the uninitiated, partial payment conditions are those where the insurer will only

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Another way to pay school fees

“The publication of the annual Independent Schools Council census always provides an accompaniment of comment in the national press. “The headlines this year were focused mainly on a slight fall