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Where are we up to with UK fracking?

“If recent press coverage is to be believed, significant deposits of shale gas in the UK offer the prospect of easing some of the pressures associated with the so called


Thinking of emigrating?

According to a report published last week, Spain is still the most popular destination for people looking to retire to the sun, or start a new business. Hot on its

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How do I choose a pension?

However, the landscape has changed considerably in recent years and an annuity is not the only option. Here is a brief guide to the options available to you. Fixed or

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Getting early access to pension funds

A recent notable exception has been the growth in reports of pensions liberation fraud. In simple terms, pension liberation can occur in any situation where you agree to transfer your

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Where you live affects your annuity

The statistics show Dorset has the best life expectancy at birth and Manchester and Blackpool the worst. Life expectancy at birth is 9.2 years higher for boys born in East

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Growth investing for children

You can invest on behalf of a child through any investment company saving and investment scheme – some management companies have plans specifically for children. You can choose to hold

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How much do you need to save?

Although there may be some damage and some of your bricks might not survive being moved around or stuck into place, generally you would be looking to create as many

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New baby? What to do with your money

“Thinking about taxes is understandably the last thing on the minds of a lot of first-time parents, however there are a few things which should be considered sooner rather than


Should investors be worried about liquidity?

The banks’ mistrust of each other and the state of their affairs led inter-bank lending to dry up and money-flow to grind to a halt. Central banks in the developed

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Should I invest in AIM after 5 August?

The government has confirmed that new rules allowing Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares to be held in ISAs will be implemented from 5 August 2013. The government hopes this will