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Shopping around is normal – it should be for annuities too

However, thirty years ago, when I was just a boy trudging 10 miles to school through the snow in bare feet (or so I tell my children), it wasn’t nearly

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Earmark funds for the long term

Whether it’s travel, family, home comforts, ongoing work projects or all of the above presumably happiness and security, as opposed to worry, are key. In many ways the secret to


Hold Fidelity Special Situations & South East Asia

Generally there are more positives than negatives and both funds will retain their “hold” rating. We will review again next year to see if they can be upgraded to a


Viewpoint: What next for Vodafone investors

After months of intense speculation, Vodafone announced after the market close yesterday that it would be selling its 45% stake in Verizon Wireless for a consideration of £84bn. Within that


What matters most to investors?

With so much information available to us at the touch of a button or flashing up in our inbox every few minutes, it can be difficult to focus on the

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How to be happy: Buy now, pay now

Somehow, even on holiday, I can’t resist reading about money issues – whether it’s packing a book, buying a daily newspaper to skim the personal finance and business pages or

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Not all insurers cover children’s illness

This may be because advisers tend to focus on the main aspects of these plans such as cancer cover. Additionally, few consumers actually read their plan documents and therefore fail

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Transferring SIPP provider?

Indeed, one of the most glaring costs incurred when moving from one SIPP provider to another surrounds transferring property “in-specie” (I specifically mean commercial property, as residential property cannot currently


Rock bottom rates just part of mortgage puzzle

We have seen low mortgage rates in the past, but these have tended to be where a borrower has a large amount of equity. Has this been helpful to the

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How to turn savings into a retirement income

In most important order, these are: • How much you put in • How well your investments do • The rate you get at retirement when you turn your savings