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Builder share prices may be overvalued

Data from The Share Centre’s Profit Watch UK shows revenues in the Household Goods & Home Construction sector rose 7.4% to £18.6bn last year and net profits performed much more

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Young Money: Using ETFs to balance risk

The problem is that when it comes to investing, young people are increasingly on their own. Luckily there are a number of investment vehicles out there which to help young


Is it time to sell fixed interest?

High demand has pushed yields to relatively low levels.  Gilts have increased recently with the yield on ten-year gilts now 2.74% against an inflation rate of 2.8% (CPI). Gilt yields


Real time information and PAYE needs a rethink

To recap the voluntary RTI pilot scheme started in April 2012. It began with 283 employer volunteers and the number was increased to 1300 by July 2012. During this period

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How to beat inflation

So if we want our savings to truly grow then we must think about not simply the return on our investments, but the real return (meaning the return after taking

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How to invest in buy-to-let

For certain investors, investing in residential property is producing better returns than other investment vehicles such as savings, stocks and shares. Buy-to-let investment in the current UK housing market Should

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Inflation proofing your portfolio using structured products

Despite the UK Retail Price Index falling to 3.1% in July (from 3.3% in June), the inflation rate remains stubbornly above the UK government target. This is a real concern


How to give children a financial helping hand

It’s an expensive world out there and you might like to put some money to one side to help them in their future education or to get them started on


Fund managers back in love with best of British

The first was, of course, the birth of a new prince. The second, slightly less cuddly but certainly almost as much of a relief for many people, was the news

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Should I hang fire on buying an annuity?

The reason it might not seem like a good idea is that as a result of the Bank of England’s monetary policy, we currently have very low interest rates –