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How to bet and better your odds

Two-thirds of the country’s adult population are likely to place a bet. The clever ones will normally place their money on a horse tipped to do well on the day

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Income from your life cover

The majority of people tend to opt for what is called a lump-sum level-term policy. Which means that if those covered under the policy pass away within a set period

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Should I commute part of my pension?

This term, popularised by final salary pension schemes, is used to describe the act of exchanging pension income for tax-free cash. You may find it cropping up in such phrases

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Review your pension charges and save thousands

For most people, saving for a pension is the biggest financial commitment they’ll ever make, but many of us are terrible at regularly checking we’re getting a good deal. The

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Couples are jeopardising retirement by not talking

Research from Prudential suggests only one in 10 couples over the age of 40 has seen a financial adviser jointly in the past five years to discuss their retirement plans,


M&G Global Basics downgraded by Chelsea

Global Basics was built and launched by Graham with a certain investment approach in mind and, while that doesn’t mean a fund can’t change direction – indeed we expect managers


Finding a yield from bonds in return-free risk environment

However, most portfolios need lower volatility investments such as bonds to reduce risk. The problem is that interest rates and bond yields are still at, or near, historic lows after

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Planning for inheritance tax

As the cost of living increases and the first rung on the housing ladder becomes further from first time buyers’ grasp, we worry about how future generations will cope and

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How is the government changing pensions?

But saving for retirement has never been more important. With an ageing population increasing the demand on and costs of health and care services, a lavish state pension cannot be

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The value of pocket money

Four out of five parents in our survey recognise that helping kids learn about saving in childhood will equip them with better money management skills later in life. Yet the