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Three years of a “stable Europe”

There have been various other interventions in markets since that date, not to mention European Central Bank president Mario Draghi’s, “I’ll do whatever it takes” speech. But how successful have


What’s so good about fund of funds?

As the name suggests, fund of funds is where one investment fund invests into a range of other funds, as opposed to buying individual shares or bonds. So why is

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Should I invest in commodities?

Commodity markets have had a lacklustre start to the year. Overall, commodity prices are down 5.1% so far this year and are in negative momentum. Precious metals such as gold


How do I pay off my interest-only mortgage?

About 90% of all interest-only borrowers have a repayment strategy (many of these borrowers will have had a mortgage linked endowment policy) but just under half of all interest-only borrowers


Top performing funds and sectors in April 2013

Top performing Funds April 2013 Name IMA Value Rank Legg Mason Japan Equity A Japan 19.53 1 Neptune Japan Opportunities A Acc GBP Japan 13.47 2 Invesco Perpetual Japanese Smaller

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Should I switch to flexible drawdown?

You may still want to look at the flexible drawdown route. What is flexible drawdown? Flexible drawdown is a variant of normal, capped, income drawdown. Money withdrawn from a flexible


US: Ditch treasuries and consider energy stocks

Oil prices in particular have been a focus and while oil has declined in recent months, prices have been inching higher more recently and are above the $85-per-barrel level they


Japanese equities have further potential

During these 20 years, I’ve witnessed two major bull markets, two major bear markets and a handful of bubbles bursting. But I’ve always been of the mind that over the

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A machine that pays you to enjoy life

There seems to be a misconception that insurers are still trying to wriggle out of claims and that cover is a waste of money. This is having a massive effect

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How to make the most of income drawdown

Now’s not the time to go into the nuts and bolts of what GAD rates are (GAD stands for Government Actuary’s Department). All you really need to know is that