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Why pay for financial advice?

Regulators and the government are exploring ways to prevent a recurrence of the financial crisis and trying to rebuild confidence in the UK’s financial industry. One change that has already


Don’t sell gold – this is a buying opportunity

The fall in gold price coincided with the some poor economic data coming out of China which hit the wider mining and commodities sector. The recent sell-off appears to have

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Seven steps to increasing your wealth

Keep a spending diary Most of us know exactly what our income is but we have no idea how much we really spend each month. Do you often feel that


How to become a DIY investor

There are many strategies and options to choose from, not to mention which company and funds to use, so what are the right choices for you? There are some main


Older people undervalued by society

However while the 21st century has brought some amazing innovations, we have seen not only the role of the over-65s change but also the level of support they can expect

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How much should I save for my pension?

When people start to think about pensions, one of the first questions they ask is “How much do I need to save?” Follow these simple steps and you will soon

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Five new tax year resolutions

Why not review your plans and start the new tax year fresh and put yourself on the right track for 2013/14? “If you are planning for a year, sow rice;


Japan – land of the rising sun or another false dawn?

I also didn’t pay as much attention as I should have this time round despite my colleagues recommending Japan to our clients in November last year. I wanted to see

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Margaret Thatcher’s belief in DIY

Thatcher, Britain’s longest serving Prime Minister of the last century, did many things that shaped the UK’s economy for the future but there was one defining belief that united her


How to choose funds to invest in

Jacqueline Lockie, head of training at the Association of Investment Companies, said portfolio composition is by far the most important of all the options. But AIC research published today shows