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Buy-to-let: The ongoing costs

Now I shall continue my shopping list and address the property and tenant costs you need to consider before investing in buy-to-let. Insurance Normal home and buildings insurance is not

Alternative Investments , Analysis

What would war with Syria mean for gold?

Depending on who you believe Syria may determine the outlook for the gold and silver price. But how much of an impact will a war with Syria really have on

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Viewpoint: Syria unsettling markets could boost gold

Gold continued its rise to exceed $1,400/oz in late August. However, we believe that the main drivers of the gold price in July and August were the rise in demand

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Naked Wines launches bond yielding 7%

Naked Wines hopes to raise £3m through its The Naked Fine Wine Bond although the maximum it can raise is £5m. The funds will be invested in independent winemakers over

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Viewpoint: Diversity matters for democratic finance

Don’t believe it when you are told the world of finance is necessarily slow to change and adapt. The past ten years have seen a revolution in the choice available

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How to invest in private equity

Getting in at an early stage in a growing company can be highly lucrative, and over the long term this asset class has shown the ability to deliver superior returns.

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How to invest in buy-to-let

For certain investors, investing in residential property is producing better returns than other investment vehicles such as savings, stocks and shares. Buy-to-let investment in the current UK housing market Should

Alternative Investments , Analysis

Inflation proofing your portfolio using structured products

Despite the UK Retail Price Index falling to 3.1% in July (from 3.3% in June), the inflation rate remains stubbornly above the UK government target. This is a real concern

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AIM investors focus on energy and mining

In the wake of the recent relaxation of the rules of allowing AIM stocks to be included in ISAs, more than half (51.7%) of investors forecast AIM listed mining and

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How to invest ethically

But if you do want to invest in an ethical manner with your principles set ahead of fund performance – where do you start? Once you have determined your ethical