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Why is the gold price volatile?

People speak of bull and bear markets but this does not explain the fluctuations we have seen. The conditions which normally accompany these peaks and troughs are absent. Any of

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Online fine wine exchange launches

The Fine Wine Exchange offers portfolio management, comprehensive valuation, comparison and analysis tools and aims to make sourcing and selling wine fast, simple and safe. Members can buy wine that

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Where should I invest?

Even government bonds look shaky in respect to some heavily indebted European countries and the bonds of nations with sounder finances offer scant returns, often significantly below the rate of

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Investors sanguine on gold, energy & mining

The latest Halifax Share Dealing Market Tracker suggested a further 23.9% of retail investors who invest in the commodity feel now is time to buy, with just 15.4% predicting it

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Top performing investment trusts

Strongest and most consistent performers Scottish Oriental Smaller Companies, managed by Susie Rippingall for over a decade until her retirement on 1 April this year, now managed by Wee-Li Hee,

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Fund in focus: Henderson Global Technology fund

However, times are changing and appetite is returning. An example of the opportunities the sector has to offer is the growth of data and mobile phone usage. They are now

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Should I invest in commodities?

Commodity markets have had a lacklustre start to the year. Overall, commodity prices are down 5.1% so far this year and are in negative momentum. Precious metals such as gold

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How to get exposure to London property

Marcus Phayre-Mudge, manager of the TR Property Investment Trust, has warned that Britain is “exporting” London’s most valuable property abroad. “Central London is a very international market,” he said. “Every

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UK avoids triple dip: Investors warned not to overpay for safehavens

Despite the uplift the statistics still suggest that underlying growth is flat lining with first quarter GDP estimated to be 2.6% below the peak in Q1 2008. The marginal improvement

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Putting property into an ISA

But as cash ISAs have struggled to keep up with inflation savers might be surprised to know that they could instead be investing their ISA allowance in residential property, via