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FCA puts protection at the heart of crowdfunding

By boosting consumer protection, the rules will help ensure that consumers have access to fair, clear information that is not misleading, when using loan-based or securities-based crowdfunding platforms. Christopher Woolard,

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Who is the crowd and what are they funding?

Equity crowdfunding has allowed more and more investors to have direct access to startups to use them as a high risk but potentially high reward part of a diversified portfolio.

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Don’t be conned when investing in fine wine

In its opinion most of the problems seen in this market relate to valuations, storage and pricing transparency. To help investors avoid these pitfalls and to benefit from the positive

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VCTs are riding high

Despite investment companies experiencing strong performance over the last few years, the VCT sector is currently outperforming the wider investment company market over one and three years – no small

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Want to invest directly in emerging markets?

U-Start is aimed primarily at finding technology and digital startups in emerging economies and partnering them with western investors. It already has €3.8bn under management waiting to be invested in tech

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Government support for renewable energy is encouraging

Let’s be clear, a £10 million community energy fund is not going to mean a solar farm in every village across the land and it is small beer compared to

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First managed crowdfunding fund launches

Crowdcube, the equity crowdfunding platform, has launched the first managed investment fund for people who want to buy shares in startup or early stage British businesses and build a portfolio

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Can I invest my pension in gold?

This naturally rules out cars, tapestry and fine wine but also commodities and precious metals such as copper and silver. An exception, though, is gold (well, some types of gold).

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Viewpoint: Is it wise to buy gold?

2012 produced positive returns all round (on average) and relatively narrow dispersions. The IMA European Smaller Companies sector was best, posting returns of 22.36%, while the worst sector, IMA Index-Linked

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The risks of investing in Bitcoin

But is this an exciting new financial innovation, or just another bubble in the making? Bitcoin is starting to become more mainstream. The recent Senate hearing in the US and