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Physical Gold Ltd is a leading UK precious metals dealer, helping investors diversify their portfolios with innovative investment solutions. We offer our clients a unique understanding of the challenges faced by investors today and help them build a financial future they can rely on. We realise that everyone’s needs are different so our approach to your investment is always solution based. That’s why we developed ground breaking products such as Sipp Gold, tax Free Silver and Gold Savings Account. We listen to our customers’ concerns and make gold recommendations that we believe will help them achieve the financial future they envision. We have provided newcomers and seasoned veterans with tailored assistance in sourcing the best gold for their needs. Our number one goal is to help you protect the value of your long term funds, so you’ll be able to meet your future needs. Our experienced team of consultants have specialist knowledge of the general financial markets and economy, coupled with unrivalled gold market expertise. Our focus is to help you understand the impact the global and domestic economic markets can have upon your savings and retirement plans. And how owning some of your portfolio in physical gold or silver can help meet your long term financial goals. We know that keeping up to date with market developments will provide you with the most relevant and informed choices. So we continue to expand our network and knowledge through attendance at the major industry coin exhibitions and membership of groups such as the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) and the Institute of Financial Planners (IFP). Each of our customers is assigned a dedicated gold consultant, each of who are committed to excellent customer service, reliability and transparency. We believe in building ongoing relationships with our clients – which is why so many return again and again.

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