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Third Greek bailout approved

Greece has given the green light to its third bailout package and stock markets have welcomed the decision, but the excitement may not last for long as there’s speculation the

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Be selective on emerging markets

Emerging markets are back in the doldrums. Valuations are depressed and it is hard to think of a more hated asset class today (bar commodities). Is it time to be

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Barings launches monthly income fund

The new fund, which became available on 29th July, is suitable for investors who are looking for a retirement income solution which combines sustainable income generation across multiple sources of income,

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Why commodities are declining

Almost all commodity markets have had a very painful experience recently but this is a trend that has been entrenched for some time now. The aggregate Bloomberg Commodities Index is


The Share Centre’s featured fund of the month

Giving his reason for the choice, Parsons said: “Overall, company balance sheets in the Eurozone remain strong, whilst policy reform remains painfully slow and Eurosceptic parties have gained ground in

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South West leads increases in rent

In the three months to July 2015 rents in the South West of England rose by 11.4% year-on-year from £820 to £914, while in Scotland they increased by 11.2% from


Most landlords expect arrears to hold steady

The lender’s PRS Trends Survey results for the second quarter showed a 4% increase in those landlords who felt tenant rental arrears would remain stable, the third successive improvement. The


Super Thursday: Base rate held

It was the Bank’s first “Super Thursday” when all three official updates are published simultaneously. The minutes revealed that only Ian McCafferty voted for a base rate rise – of


Standard Chartered cuts dividends by 50%

“Standard Chartered’s interim results were welcomed by the market today as the banking group revealed that its Tier 1 capital ratio had risen to 11.5% from 10.7%. Investors will see

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Younger generation needs reality check on pensions

Those aged 16 to 24 are hoping to retire with an average annual income of £64,000 a year, nearly six times the average income they are on track for. This