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Equities are back in fashion

Fund net retail sales were over £2bn while equities were the best-selling asset class with net retail sales of £799m. UK equity income was the top-selling IMA sector at £139m


Parents urged to give children the money talk

Financial capability is becoming a hot topic in schools and former private banker Vivi Friedgut is appealing to parents to continue this learning session outside of the classroom. “Parents are

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Don’t scrimp on your will

And Arnie Vashisht, a chartered financial planner at Chase de Vere, has warned that people shouldn’t try to do it themselves or even cut corners by using low cost will


Children must learn money by seven

A study published today by MAS highlights the power which parents and caregivers possess to shape the money habits of their children which will stay with them for life. It


J.P. Morgan International Bank fined £3m

The regulator said there were a number of issues with JPMIB’s processes and that the bank failed to show why some of its clients had been recommended certain investment products.

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New Bank chief could pile pressure on pensions

The warning comes from deVere Group’s chief executive Nigel Green who claims Carney’s final speech as the governor of the Bank of Canada praising Japan’s “bold policy experiment” to increase


Simple investment charges calculator launches

The True and Fair Calculator works out the cost of investments shown in pounds and as a percentage, giving an estimate of returns after costs and fees. Consumers can use


Positive signs for England’s property market

Analysis from Move with Us suggested there was a surge of new properties listed on the market in January and this increase continued throughout the first quarter, adding weight to national


Hope for emerging market equity investors

J.P. Morgan Asset Management analysis released today suggests earnings weaknesses holding back emerging market equities performance reflects cyclical rather than secular pressures. Earnings headwinds easing Valuations have been reasonably cheap


Cost of living sees temporary reprieve

By far the largest downward contribution came from transport costs (notably motor fuels and air fares) while the only notable upward contribution came from price movements for food & non-alcoholic