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Colin Payne is a mortgage adviser at Chapelgate Associates

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Why you should check your credit score

It is important to understand that there are things that you can do in order to improve your credit score but it is also very easy to have a false

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Should I buy life insurance with my mortgage?

The sole focus is collecting the keys from the agent and moving in, there seems to be lack of interest in ensuring that we can remain in the property should


Remortgage now to lock in lowest rates before they rise

Make sure you fully understand the terms of the product, specifically the early redemption charges as there are still situations when the SVR may still be appropriate for example if


Finding it tough to get a mortgage?

An obvious example of this is flats above commercial premises where prices could be up to 30% cheaper than those that are not. There are clearly numerous types of commercial


There are mortgage options for contract workers

The result has been employers taking on more contractors. Whilst this clearly has many benefits for employer and employee not much consideration has been given to the impact it may


Eight lenders offer adverse credit mortgages

As long as there have been no problems in the previous 12 months, they will accept applicants with a number of county court judgements (CCJ), defaults and even bankruptcies or


Is an offset mortgage right for you?

In the scheme of things very few lenders offer offset mortgages and historically they have tended to be variable rate mortgages – in other words, tracker rates – although recently


What are my interest-only mortgage options?

Whilst lenders have been tightening their criteria on this point it is in the main with justification because it is clear that borrowers were able to access interest only mortgages


Mortgages and maternity leave

Like many couples my wife returned to work but how lenders treat couples who wish to move when a woman is on maternity leave can vary. It is a topic


Getting a buy-to-let mortgage

Gross lending was £4.2bn in Q1 2013 compared to £3.7bn for the same period in 2012. It is clear to see why with buy-to-let rates tumbling and just as importantly