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Clive Arneil worked for major brokers for over 20 years trading most instruments in the Foreign Exchange markets as well as Derivatives. Brokered deals on behalf of some of the worlds largest banks including Barclays, Citibank, UBS, Nat West and the Bank of England. Worked mainly in the UK but also in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. Retired from the Money Market at the age of 40 and worked as a financial data feed specialist supplying market data to Banks, Brokers and Spread-Betting companies. Still trading and teaching people the skills required to master today’s volatile markets.

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Theresa May will not be very comfortable and it is possible we may see a leadership challenge.

The 1922 Committee, formally known as the Conservative Private Members Committee is the parliamentary group of the Conservative party in the House of Commons. The committee, consisting of all Conservative

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I’ll wait a bit – Brexit is nowhere near being “done” and let us not forget about the Italian situation as that isn’t going away.

Today is likely to be a little volatile as Theresa May announces that the Brexit deal is all but there. Already this morning the Euro and the Pound have gained

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Get ready, a perfect storm is brewing.

As I have said many times October 2018 was going to be a big month but it looks like it might be bigger than I thought. Trump isn’t getting his

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Italy’s new government faces its first real test

Italy’s government set to pass first test – here we go again. This suggests that the market is confident of a few things: 1, Italy’s budget proposals won’t anger the

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Expect the lull before the storm today

Morning all. Expect the lull before the storm today. Corbyn is speaking up in Liverpool, May dodges the bullets and the FOMC speak this evening at 19:00. Both Euro$ and

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A Bit of a Shake-out

15th June 2018 Hi Guys. For me to do a Friday post is most rare indeed but yesterday’s move has prompted me to do so. The moves in Euro$, Cable

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“Oooh look at me”

30th May 2018 – update “Oooh look at me” says the Euro$ having bounced from the 1.1500 – 1.1525 support buffer zone where I said it would yesterday (smug grin) . It is

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Is this the beginning of the $ pull-back I have been expecting before it shoots off skywards or is it the beginning of the turn back into the “old trend”..?

Is this the beginning of the $ pull-back I have been expecting before it shoots off skywards or is it the beginning of the turn back into the “old trend”..? 

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Has the $ got the legs..?

Good Morning all. European holidays mean it’s likely to be pretty quiet today as we reflect on what was a great weekend. The weather, the wedding and the FA Cup turning blue – Fantastic. All we have

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So how do we trade that..?

Morning all. Another Day – Another Dollar (or so they say). The $ is having a dizzy spell right now as it heads into day 3 of a quandary. Still