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Clive Arneil worked for major brokers for over 20 years trading most instruments in the Foreign Exchange markets as well as Derivatives. Brokered deals on behalf of some of the worlds largest banks including Barclays, Citibank, UBS, Nat West and the Bank of England. Worked mainly in the UK but also in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. Retired from the Money Market at the age of 40 and worked as a financial data feed specialist supplying market data to Banks, Brokers and Spread-Betting companies. Still trading and teaching people the skills required to master today’s volatile markets.

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After the bounce will it try again?

Morning all. With a U.S holiday, Euro-group meetings and Mark Carney speaking later today at 18:45 I’m expecting things to be fairly nervous but quiet at the same time (unless there is something

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A very nervous day again for the Stock Markets.

Hi Guys. A very nervous day on the 12th February for the Stock Markets. Like an old boxer the S&P spent all day trying to get off the canvas only to

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Could there be a global storm brewing stock market-wise?

Hi Guys. A very nervous day again yesterday for the Stock Markets. Like an old boxer the S&P spent all day trying to get off the canvas only to lose his

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Wednesday has some high impact news for the $

Hi Guys, hope all had a great weekend. The Stock Markets as I am sure you know have been battered globally over the last week or so. The last 4

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Be cautious is my advice.

Morning all Friday’s NFP has taken the $ out of a recent smallish consolidation and so today I am looking to see if it stays outside to the north of

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The Brexit Shenanigans continue

Hi guys. The time has come for me to hang up my trading boots for the year as I prepare for the festive madness that’s just around the corner. Dinner

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A “trading break” is always welcome

  Political events are weighing heavily upon my chosen currencies right now making them pretty hard to predict and whilst my views remain the same there are times to trade

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What to make of these markets…?

What to make of these markets…? Euro$ On the 29th of August, 8th of September and 22nd of September this year the Euro$ pairing gave us warning of potential price

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Today it is all about the U.S $

Morning all. Today it is all about the U.S $ With a new Chair, Jerome Powell, at the Fed we can expect changes in the future but today is Non Farm

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Will Carney actually hold off and possibly wipe out the Pound’s recent gains..?

Morning all. Today all eyes will be focused on whether the Bank of England raises rates for over a decade as well as what happens at the Fed with the new Chair