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Clive Arneil worked for major brokers for over 20 years trading most instruments in the Foreign Exchange markets as well as Derivatives. Brokered deals on behalf of some of the worlds largest banks including Barclays, Citibank, UBS, Nat West and the Bank of England. Worked mainly in the UK but also in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. Retired from the Money Market at the age of 40 and worked as a financial data feed specialist supplying market data to Banks, Brokers and Spread-Betting companies. Still trading and teaching people the skills required to master today’s volatile markets.

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You do not need to show us how big “you” are – nobody cares anyway.

The $Yen has been in a range of 1115.00 – 112.00 – 108.00 that started back in January this year.  115.00 (or approaching that level) has been tested and failed

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I don’t have my finger on the trigger right now but I am ready to pull it.

Good day to you wherever you are. I’m back in the office seat today for the first time in a couple of weeks and as such am in no hurry

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So much for possible rate hikes Mr Carney – Maybe next year eh..?

After poor PMI figures yesterday the Bank of England kept interest rates at record lows and cut its forecasts for growth and wages. This meant the likelihood to “up” interest

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“So what’s in store for Today, well it’s all about the Pound…”

On the whole yesterday was one big frustrating day of “chop”. Euro$ peaked just above 1.1900 at one stage forming a fairly substantial “shooting star” on the longer intra-day timeframes

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Why has this happened anyway when there is so much Oil about..?

Between 18:00 and 20:30 last night (UK time) U.S Oil shot up from $49.25 to $50.25. Is this rise in price going to continue now that we have struck the

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“We’re going to see continued weakness in the dollar,” said Kristina Hooper

Looks like we will have a relatively slow start to the week as there is nothing of note coming news-wise until Wednesday.  Thursday will be active and then of course

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What a depressing day for the Euro$

Hi all. What a depressing day for the Euro$ as it went back and forth in a tight 40 pips range and ending up where, well fan my brow  – 1.1500..! Super

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Is that all the “puff” the Euro$ could muster..?

Is that it..? Is that all the “puff” the Euro$ could muster..? With as good as a 100 pip run northwards (going more or less all day) at around 15:00 it simply

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Is this the push that does it for the Euro and the Pound in particular..?

Is this it….? Is this the push that does it for the Euro and the Pound in particular..? Euro$ is now above 1.1500 after an overnight rally around 02:00. It has

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Another choppy week over as markets test crucial levels.

Another choppy week over as markets test crucial levels. The Euro$ is finding it difficult to breath above 1.1500 and once again bores us with its 1.1400 habit. This entire