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Brad Alexander is CEO of FX Large Limited — a London based company providing content to Retail Brokers, Fintech Companies and Educators. Brad has been studying and trading the forex markets for decades and provides education, mentoring, market commentary, technical analysis and marketing consultation. Over the years he has worked in the industry for brokers, fintech companies and as a retail trader, allowing him to get the best view of all sides of the business. For the retail trader, beginner to intermediate, he offers one to one or group mentoring and education and, over the years, has helped many achieve a better understanding of the markets and trading psychology. Brad can be contacted at

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Getting ready for MetaTrader 5 – Interview with Brad Alexander of FXLarge

Some say familiarity breeds contempt, others say that he who boldly accepts change when nobody else does is foolish. The MetaTrader 4 platform embodies both of these contrasting extremities, and

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Chasing Returns inks deal with FXLarge for ongoing educational content

Chasing Returns Limited of Dublin had partnered with FX Large Limited of London to provide ongoing educational content to support its PlayMaker product. FX Large will be providing a suite

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ESMA and the Tale of the 5 Leverages

ESMA and the Tale of the 5 Leverages No. This is not the title of the next Lord of the Rings instalment or a Game of Thrones knockoff, but it