Vince Smith-Hughes

Vince Smith-Hughes is business development manager at Prudential

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Hard questions to ask yourself when nearing retirement

It can be difficult to maintain a strong optimism when it comes to looking at the daunting task facing those hoping to manage their investments in the final few years

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Why save in a pension?

This year revealed some stark findings: • One in seven will retire with only the state pension to rely on • State pension accounts for 36% of the average retirement

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How do I plan my pension?

Many of these will choose to continue working a little longer as they look to top up their retirement income. For those who do want to retire, one important question

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Beating inflation and taking an income

This is something of a relief for many when we consider the amount of bad news that usually stacks up during a period of economic uncertainty. However, we’re not in

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One way to beat low annuity rates

Conventional annuity rates have been under pressure in recent years. The two core ingredients contributing to this situation – low interest rates and improving life expectancy – are showing no