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Tom Baigrie is the co-owner of Baigrie Davies and LifeSearch, two independent financial adviser companies

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How to make a healthy saving on life insurance

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can save you money on insurance such as life cover and ensure you don’t pay more than you have to. Taking sensible steps to reduce health

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How to choose life insurance

Choose the wrong one and you could end up paying far more than you need to, having too little or the wrong type of cover or in the worst circumstance,

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Insuring against an investment firesale

Most of us work hard to build what we consider to be our nest egg for retirement. We strive to give our children the best possible start in life, whilst

The more you earn the more you lose if sick

Uncomfortable questions to answer which most of us would rather ignore than confront. You are 15 times more likely to suffer incapacity than die in your working life time according

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Protect your wealth when your health fails

After all if you are rich you can self-insure can’t you? Wrong! Your income is the engine that generates your wealth. Unless you can live entirely off your unearned income