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Russ Koesterich is chief investment strategist at BlackRock

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US: stocks stable but risks rise

While June’s non-farm payrolls report of 195,000 new jobs was by no means the long hoped for breakout in the labour market, it was consistent with the 190,000 average for


Central bank obsession leading to volatile markets

Investors are now parsing any central bank utterance for the slightest change in language or tone. Last week was a clear example of that process in action since the uptick


US: Ditch treasuries and consider energy stocks

Oil prices in particular have been a focus and while oil has declined in recent months, prices have been inching higher more recently and are above the $85-per-barrel level they


Get defensive and don’t give up on gold

The horrific events in Boston contributed to this trend but even before the bombings occurred investors were reacting to a weak first quarter gross domestic product report from China and


Europe’s banks still pose a threat

By Friday, however, signs were emerging that the island country would be able to secure a bailout, which prompted a market rally and lifted stocks. Ultimately a deal was announced


Get ready for more US volatility

This report should be particularly revealing since it will provide the first real evidence of how consumers are holding up in the face of the higher payroll taxes that took


Economic data powers US stocks forward

The consensus among economists was that the data would show that the United States grew around 1% in the final quarter of 2012, but the data actually showed that the


Economics: the good, the slightly bad and the somewhat ugly

While the economic landscape is not ideal, as long as the United States stays out of recession, the environment should be decent for both stocks and credit-related fixed income sectors.