Ricky Butler

Ricky Butler is head of performance at LifeSearch and has been advising on protection insurance for over a decade. As part of his current role he is responsible for all adviser training and development at LifeSearch as well as maintaining and improving quality standards. Ricky is a keen runner and competes most weekends.

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Choosing the best income protection cover

Let’s get one thing clear – income protection isn’t the same as the widely mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI). Whereas PPI covers a debt and payouts go to your lender,

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How to get the most for your money on life insurance

The New Year is a good time to get into the habit of shopping around to make sure you get the best deal, and buying insurance is no different. Of

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How to bet and better your odds

Two-thirds of the country’s adult population are likely to place a bet. The clever ones will normally place their money on a horse tipped to do well on the day

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Whole of life insurance could be better than term assurance

The consequence of this however is that declining health in old age results in significant issues: rising care costs, our families being taxed on the homes and estates we leave

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Why not buy life insurance from £5 a month?

A typical response might be to pay off debt if you have any, and then save or invest the rest. According to a recent Aviva survey only 5% of us

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The benefits of family income

I have two young girls under six and I cannot conceive of a future should a disaster destroy me and my earnings or my wife and her care. That makes

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Protection with a cherry on top

The average cost of basic life insurance has halved in a decade. Price is one indicator of value for money when purchasing protection but it’s not the only one. When