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Rebecca O'Connor is managing editor for Trillion Fund, a renewable energy investment platform, and former business and personal finance journalist for The Times. She has won awards for consumer, pension and investment writing and has been covering the finance industry for nearly a decade.

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Does climate change mean investment change?

It might not be clear to you that the latest IPCC report confirming catastrophic climate change has anything to do with where you stick your ISA. It has a lot

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Government support for renewable energy is encouraging

Let’s be clear, a £10 million community energy fund is not going to mean a solar farm in every village across the land and it is small beer compared to

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Viewpoint: Could investors save the planet?

And the result is that it has become the UK’s number two investment choice after property, according to a survey published today by Abundance Generation. That’s a rapid rise to

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Are renewable energy projects an alternative to buy-to-let?

If you are an income investor looking for steady, long term returns of around 6% and considering alternatives to stocks and shares, you may have narrowed down your list to

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Why buy into renewable energy?

Meanwhile we’ve got some low carbon targets to meet. By 2020, 15% of all energy should come from renewable sources. We are behind. According to the most recent DECC statistics,