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Randi Weaver is a philanthropist, educator and consultant. Through her own independent consultancy, Good Giving Limited, she provides philanthropy planning advice to families and individual donors, and their trusted advisers, as part of strategic wealth management.

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Charitable giving – plan ahead

With the start of a new tax year upon us perhaps this is the right time for you to consider writing one. What is a PPP (Personal Philanthropy Plan)? It


Relative Values

As in a Giving Circle, family philanthropy is a collaborative effort and reflects the shared values and interests of all those involved. Let’s look at the basics and benefits of


Should you join a giving circle?

In last month’s philanthropy column the Giving Circle channel was introduced as one way to super-charge your charitable giving in 2014. This month, we look closer at Giving Circles and

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Tax benefits and other tips for giving to charity

Here are 10 tips to improve your giving experience in 2014. 1.    Use Gift Aid If not already part of your charitable giving efforts, vow to understand and make use

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Social investing: How to give at Christmas

A 2011 nfpSynergy survey revealed that one in five people claimed to donate more at Christmas. How they define “donate” is key here. It may be true that many people

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How to give on a budget

  He was in a good position to comment, as it happens. Hope was known and lauded for his USO shows entertaining American military personnel, which spanned 50 years. He


Breast cancer awareness month: why get involved?

One of the most common is to be inspired by a high profile campaign and the energised mass participation taking place all around. For example, as almost everyone on planet

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You’ve come a long way, baby: women and philanthropy

It was a sassy celebration of female equality in what had been a man’s world. We could resurrect it now to acknowledge the increasing influence and impact of women in


Assessing how a charity spends its donations

Everyone feels they can consider the level of compensation and make a judgement about a charity’s spending. In philanthropy planning, executive compensation is but one component of the list of

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Viewpoint: The case for paying charity execs

William Shawcross, chair of the Charity Commission, said to The Daily Telegraph that high salaries in charities risked bringing the sector into disrepute. Sir Stephen Bubb, chief executive of Acevo,