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Nev Godley is vice president at Morgan Stanley

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What dividends really mean for structured product investors

Equity investors have not had an easy time over recent years. Following the market correction in 2008, the growth and payment of dividends has been lacklustre, particularly in 2013. However,


Viewpoint: Time to get defensive?

2014 has begun with a ray of optimism for the UK economy. In December, UK inflation fell for the first time in four years to the Bank of England’s target


How to manage volatility in your portfolio

The advent of the Retail Distribution Review meant that in order to remain independent, advisers could no longer take upfront commission for investment products. This effectively meant that fees were

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Structured products and counterparty risk explained

The collapse of some financial institutions and the threatened collapse of others hugely impacted the way individuals think about investing permanently. On the whole, investors nowadays are a little more

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How to get returns in a flat equity market

However when equity markets don’t perform well these investors are left with lacklustre returns. At present opinion is very divided as to how the FTSE might perform in the near-term

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Capital Protection: What does it mean?

One of the benefits of using structured products is the ability to limit downside exposure. This is because most structured products available to UK retail investors include some form of

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Inflation proofing your portfolio using structured products

Despite the UK Retail Price Index falling to 3.1% in July (from 3.3% in June), the inflation rate remains stubbornly above the UK government target. This is a real concern

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Understanding structured products: search for yield

Income can be essential to good financial planning in different ways, from providing for children’s school fees to boosting pension payments in retirement age. But persistently low interest rates have