Mike Kerridge

A chartered accountant and tax adviser, Mike is a UK and international taxation specialist with over 25 years’ diverse experience. Providing consultancy and all-round tax advisory services to an international client roster of corporates and individuals through his company M J Kerridge & Co, Mike formerly sat on the tax committee of the Federation of Small Businesses, has assisted with HMRC investigation cases and has been on the consultation group in Guernsey over their implementation of a new image rights law. Mike was formerly deputy tax director at Mazar’s and deputy tax director at Barclays Bank. Nationally and internationally recognised in his field as a leading expert, Mike has contributed articles to The Sunday Times, Accountancy Age, Spear's and more.

Posts from Mike Kerridge


Real time information and PAYE needs a rethink

To recap the voluntary RTI pilot scheme started in April 2012. It began with 283 employer volunteers and the number was increased to 1300 by July 2012. During this period


Viewpoint: UK tax is under threat from Europe

The report aims to examine the balance of competence between the UK and EU and to provide an analysis of what the UK’s membership of the EU means for the


Thinking of emigrating?

According to a report published last week, Spain is still the most popular destination for people looking to retire to the sun, or start a new business. Hot on its


Tax avoidance clampdown will hit middle Britain

We have many anti-avoidance tax rules on the statute book along with a mechanism which requires disclosure by product providers called “DOTAS” (Disclosure of Tax Avoidance Schemes). But, as the


Self-employed wrongly investigated by HMRC

But that’s exactly what is happening to many small business and self-employed workers. HMRC’s operational guidance notes state that before a Schedule 36 notice is issued, information should be requested