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Matthew Rankine is technical sales and marketing manager at Liberty SIPP

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RIP annuities? Not yet, but DIY annuities are here to stay

They may have been mauled in the aftermath of the Budget, but most annuity providers are still far from down and out. There will always be a proportion of pension

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The calm before the pension storm

But several smaller reforms have already happened, and these should be taken into account by anyone who’s approaching retirement age now. Similarly, those who are still some way off retirement

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What is Flexible Drawdown?

What is this and could/should you make use of it? The difference The main difference between flexible and standard drawdown is that if you qualify for the flexible option, the

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How to keep your SIPP performing

The answer is apathy – that is, never getting round to saving in the first place. Want to know the second biggest mistake? The answer is apathy again – never

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Review your pension charges and save thousands

For most people, saving for a pension is the biggest financial commitment they’ll ever make, but many of us are terrible at regularly checking we’re getting a good deal. The

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Is a SIPP really self-invested?

In many cases, you’ll be saving for retirement for three or four decades. You’ll then be relying on those savings for just as long — so it’s important to get

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October income drawdown rates rise

In recent weeks the yield on 15-year government gilts, which influences the amount of income people in drawdown can take, has risen quite noticeably. In July of this year 15-year

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Transferring SIPP provider?

Indeed, one of the most glaring costs incurred when moving from one SIPP provider to another surrounds transferring property “in-specie” (I specifically mean commercial property, as residential property cannot currently

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The benefits of income drawdown

So what exactly is it? Drawdown is basically the alternative, as you approach retirement, to taking an annuity. If you take an annuity your pension fund is effectively handed over

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How to make the most of income drawdown

Now’s not the time to go into the nuts and bolts of what GAD rates are (GAD stands for Government Actuary’s Department). All you really need to know is that