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Matt Hoggarth is investment analyst at Thesis Asset Management

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Eurozone QE is no panacea

Investors have been watching central banks very closely again recently as they try to guess the pace of monetary policy tightening in the US and UK and loosening in the

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Why we invest in commercial property funds

Investing in commercial property is not without its risks, but those who invest in it can often see some good returns. So, how have we been investing in this sector?


How will interest rates affect bond yields?

Bonds have performed surprisingly well so far this year. This is unexpected given that we now know a rate rise is coming, and rising interest rates – or the prospect

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Beware ‘junk’ bonds offering low returns with high risk

High yield bonds, sometimes more disparagingly known as sub-investment grade, speculative-grade or ‘junk’ bonds, are the debt of companies with lower credit ratings. This may be because they are less


The search for value for your portfolio

History shows that on average equity investors tend to make money in years which start with valuations at January 2014 levels, albeit mostly single digit percentage gains. The US, UK

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Why are we still talking Japanese?

While further yen weakness is not central to our forecasts, we believe it is worthwhile to leave the hedge in place to mitigate the tail risk that the unprecedented increase


Emerging markets long term tale remains intact

These are supporting equity valuations which are no longer cheap but have potential to rise further if companies grow their earnings as economic momentum builds. Companies that fail to hit


What is investment volatility and why should I care?

Broadly speaking, volatility is defined as the rate at which the price of an investment moves up or down: the more rapidly this moves, the higher the volatility. It is


Have politics stopped driving markets?

Is this due to an improving outlook or simply a case of out-of-sight out-of-mind? In the US the latter seems to be the case. Congress is in deadlock over its


Lower your interest rate risk using fixed income

Despite Bank of England governor Mark Carney’s efforts to anchor interest rate expectations at low levels, markets are pricing in higher rates and further yield rises are ultimately inevitable. As