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Martin Tilley is director of technical services at Dentons Pension Management

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Understand the value of your pension

While most individuals are now aware of this change and might be making plans to apply for LTA protection, some individuals whose circumstances are less than simple may not appreciate

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Tax tips for pension contributions

  It is at this time of year we are often approached by individuals realising their amount of tax payable and hoping that a tax allowable pension contribution will mitigate


Commercial property – a foundation for SIPPs

Without wishing to draw too many parallels between the financial crisis and the fable’s wolf – which may still be prowling the perimeters – it can certainly be said that

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Viewpoint: SIPP changes will see some firms fall by wayside

There are more than 100 SIPP providers currently accepting business and therefore a wide choice from the simple platform based products, trading most often online in individual equities and funds,

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Protecting against the lifetime allowance tax

Initially introduced in 2006 at £1.5m, the LTA was aimed at the very top end of the market and it was thought it would impact only 2% of the population.