Keith Richards

Keith Richards is chief executive of the Personal Finance Society. He has over 30 years’ experience within financial services and has operated at a senior level throughout most of this time in various roles, spanning both manufacturing and distribution. He is actively engaged in the promotion of financial services within the UK and is a respected industry commentator.

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Better consumer outcomes at heart of advice

The recent Budget announcement regarding the challenges people face at retirement and changes to the way pensions can be commuted in the future also recognises the importance of the public

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Financial advice is important when buying an annuity

It is quite alarming how a sizeable proportion of consumers remain unaware that researching the market or seeking professional advice, could increase their final income in retirement by as much

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Should you take financial advice to plan long term care?

One of the important inclusions in this primary legislation, currently at committee stage, and welcomed by the Personal Finance Society, surrounds the provision of financial advice. Clause 4 calls for

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Free annuity comparisons aren’t really free

The report brought together the panel’s year-long study, which included a number of separate pieces of independent research. One of the findings highlighted a significant shift to non-advice and online

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Should I take financial advice at retirement?

Converting your whole company or private pension pot to a regular income, known as an annuity, may no longer be the automatic option for many retirees. There is an alternative

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IFAs are working hard to rebuild trust

Over reporting can distort the overall perception of any subject. In the instance of financial advice this can do more harm than good if it means that people who could

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Viewpoint: Financial advice deserves to be trusted

Those who have never engaged with a qualified financial adviser might be confused about the benefits or even suspicious of doing so because of widely reported mis-selling issues during the

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Viewpoint: Is financial advice worth it?

The increasing integration of technology and use of the internet in our lives has led to the development of useful consumer websites and tools designed to help us select investment