Jeff Lynn

Jeff Lynn is cofounder and CEO of Seedrs, the world’s first fully regulated online platform for investing in startups. Seedrs lets entrepreneurs seeking investment list their businesses on its website, and the public can invest modest (or large) amounts in the ones they think will succeed or maybe even be the next big thing -all through an online process. Jeff began his career as a corporate lawyer in New York and London, and has served as chairman of the investment committee of a UK seed investment fund. He is founding chairman of the Coalition for a Digital Economy (Coadec), which advocates for digital startups and SMEs on policy and regulatory issues. He has an MBA and BCL (advanced law degree) from Oxford, a JD from the University of Virginia and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Crowdfunding: investors must stay vigilant

Crowdfunding seems to take big strides forward with each week that passes. Hardly a day goes by without some new creative project, social enterprise, cool startup, small medium sized enterprise

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Why the UK and Europe are leading the world in equity crowdfunding

Europe (including the UK) leads by a long way, and we are holding ground if not accelerating away from our friends across the pond. With the western world so desperate

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Who is the crowd and what are they funding?

Equity crowdfunding has allowed more and more investors to have direct access to startups to use them as a high risk but potentially high reward part of a diversified portfolio.

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How to save tax when investing in startups

But before investors fall obediently into line yet again, they should pause and look closer at the full scope of the taxman’s generosity, as ISA tax breaks are a very

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So much noise about crowdfunding – what is it?

As the co-founder of Seedrs, one of the world’s largest equity crowdfunding platforms and the first to gain regulatory approval anywhere in the world, it has been immensely rewarding to