James Dalby

James Dalby is market intelligence manager in Aviva UK Life’s Pensions and Investments division. The division delivers products and services spanning a wide range of customer requirements and includes funds from its in-house company, Aviva Investors, as well as other leading fund providers. James has worked in financial services for 20 years and has always been focused on investment related matters. Prior to joining Aviva in 2006, James held fund research and investment strategy responsibilities with a national Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) firm.

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Do you have a savings strategy?

It’s undeniable that future financial uncertainties around personal financial wellbeing are growing and in my view the savings gap is fast becoming a savings chasm. There are a whole host

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Lower inflation should trigger investment review

It fell by a modest 0.1% over the previous month but it’s only as recently as September 2011 that it was way up at 5.2%. It’s certainly symbolically important for

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Investing in 2013: The winners and losers

Returning to a subject I have covered before, I thought it would be interesting to look at whether diversification would have paid off this year. The good news for investors


Viewpoint: What can investors learn from rugby?

When people are already struggling it is all to easy to adopt a negative attitude to putting money aside, but this will have significant consequences in the future. So engaging


Choosing a fund after Woodford

This made news across all the personal finance media and given the legendary status this manager has gained it also made the City pages of all the national newspapers. So,


Questions to cut through “where to invest” noise

As investors are increasingly seeking out the right investments, the amount of information available can serve to both help and confuse. Information overload is one of the downsides of having

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How to be happy: Buy now, pay now

Somehow, even on holiday, I can’t resist reading about money issues – whether it’s packing a book, buying a daily newspaper to skim the personal finance and business pages or

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Viewpoint: The search for income

Furthermore, there are no signs of this changing any time soon under the new Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, who just chaired his third rate setting meeting on 1


Central banks and knee jerk markets

Central bankers are having a big impact and in the UK there are two recent examples I have in mind. One was the debate that was sparked following the executive