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Ian Gourley is an Independent Chartered Financial Planner at 2plan wealth management Ltd working with trustees, business owners, families and individuals providing financial planning and advice to manage and preserve clients' wealth.

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Are annuities all bad news?

So it’s not been far away from the headlines but are annuities all bad news?

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Viewpoint: How will you retire?

This could be a prolonged period of winding down your work or an immediate transition. Either way, having the choice from a financial perspective is greatly important rather than being


What do Christmas and financial planning have in common?

Well, in my eyes quite a lot really as Christmas brings together a number of the key planning areas. Firstly, the preparation and cost of Christmas can be managed by

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You insure your car but not yourself?

According to the Association of British Insurers of the 26.4 million households in the UK • 76% of households have home contents insurance • 64% have home buildings insurance •

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How to assess a financial planner

If you have had advice in the past then I would guess that the majority of you, if not all, will have come away with a financial product. But not

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How to start saving – even later in life

First review your outgoings, create an expenditure form and record what you spend on a monthly basis. Is there any positive difference between your income and expenditure? If so do

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No will could leave your family with no inheritance

But having a will in place is hugely important. Even if you have a will, is it up to date and does it take into account your current wishes? If

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How to invest ethically

But if you do want to invest in an ethical manner with your principles set ahead of fund performance – where do you start? Once you have determined your ethical

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Viewpoint: The value of trust

They allow clients to have greater control over how their assets will be used in the future. Settlors place assets into trust and appoint trustees who are then legally responsible

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Don’t be caught out by the falling lifetime allowance

With a little bit of notice you can plan ahead of the day, look at any alternatives, and take appropriate action. Therefore on the theme of advance warning, from 6