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Hannah Foxley was director at The Women's Wealth Expert, an IFA. She was both a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society with 10 years’ experience as a financial planner. Sadly, she recently died of breast cancer.

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Divorce: What are the options for splitting your assets?

Here is a quick overview of the different options available to you. Kitchen table If you are still enjoying relatively good communications with your partner, you can sit down with

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How do I choose a pension?

However, the landscape has changed considerably in recent years and an annuity is not the only option. Here is a brief guide to the options available to you. Fixed or

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Pensions – the basics

A pension is a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement. You are allowed to pay a certain amount of money into this pension each year, and as a

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Over half will be on pension poverty line

The number of people saving adequately for retirement is at an all time low. Only 45% are saving enough to ensure a comfortable retirement and one in five are saving


Divorce: Do I need a financial planner?

A good financial planner will bring to your attention and help you avoid making mistakes, I have included some here as examples but the list is not exhaustive. • Dealing


Divorce: financial mistakes to avoid part 2

Not having a true understanding of the financial assets and debts of the marriage This can be the biggest downfall of women in a divorce. It is absolutely essential to

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Why pension liberation is a complete scam

I have received several of these and every time I do, I get so angry. In fact, after receiving one yesterday it has spurred me into writing this blog because


Divorce: how to be savvy with your money

In the run up to launch, I will be providing you with some excerpts of the book to give you a taste of what to expect. In the next three

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Divorce: why are women ignoring their pensions?

It went on to say that one in three divorced women saves no money at all and three in five women (38%) have no idea what settlement they received after

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Seven steps to increasing your wealth

Keep a spending diary Most of us know exactly what our income is but we have no idea how much we really spend each month. Do you often feel that