Guy Glover

Guy Glover is fund manager of the F&C UK Property Fund. Guy has over 21 years’ experience in property. He has been with F&C REIT for nine years and previously with Wereldhave for nine years. Guy has experience across all market sectors with recent focus on central London where he delivered an impressive track record. Since 2010 Guy’s main role has been establishing and expanding this fund. Guy is a Chartered Surveyor and holds a Bachelors Degree in Land Management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Property Investment.

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Commercial property could deliver double digit returns in 2014

The performance of the UK commercial property market has been improving over the past few months. Investors are seeking to benefit from its attractive income yield, currently around 6% ,

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Has commercial property turned a corner?

In addition it can provide an element of inflation protection and importantly provides diversification due to its low correlation with gilts and equities. While this cannot be guaranteed in the