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Ed Sayers is an independent financial planner and founder of Bright Cube Money

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SME: How to cover your business against the unforeseen

However there is an area integral to any business that can be overlooked because it is not necessarily at the forefront of a director’s mind. And that is business protection.

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SME: The dangers of leaving auto-enrolment late

Businesses with over a thousand employees are only just starting to enrol employees in November 2013. But for these companies there has already been a big effect – the increased

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Four regular checks to maximise investment returns

Here are four that you should bear in mind and revisit on a regular basis. Use your annual tax allowances The most obvious place to start is to use your

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Earmark funds for the long term

Whether it’s travel, family, home comforts, ongoing work projects or all of the above presumably happiness and security, as opposed to worry, are key. In many ways the secret to

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The benefits of medium term investing

Money sitting in cash in the bank can be adversely affected over the medium term by low interest rates and inflation. A solution to this is to use that money

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How much cash is the right amount?

This because it affords you an absolutely vital commodity: time. That is, the time for your other investments to do what you would like them to do and most importantly

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Why are you investing?

That question is why? Why are you doing what you are doing? What are you looking to achieve? When and in what fashion do you want your money back? I