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Dominic Gamble is founder of Having started his career in financial markets, he has spent the past 10 years as a wealth manager covering high net worth individuals for Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. He founded the online comparison site in 2012, together with one of his private clients, to simplify the task of finding a wealth manager.

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Lawyers need to be kinder to their own wealth

As with many demanding professions, lawyers can often fall into the trap of neglecting their own affairs somewhat. It’s not that lawyers don’t appreciate the need for intelligent investing and

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Reaping tax reliefs and returns through seed funding

You will get the benefits of protection from CGT and income tax on any gains. But there are several other ways to invest tax-efficiently that offer substantially more benefits for


Thinking of tax efficient EIS investing?

But while ISAs are the mainstay of tax-efficient investing, they do carry relatively low annual limits of £11,760 for the 2014/15 tax year, with a maximum of £5,880 being in

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What’s in a name? Wealth management brands vs boutiques

The UK wealth management market is highly diverse, featuring firms large and small, new and old, bank-owned and independent. This can make it pretty tricky for high net worth investors

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How bespoke is wealth management?

The marketing literature of most wealth managers is littered with phrases like “tailor-made solutions” or “bespoke services”. However, on closer inspection many firms’ offerings don’t quite match up to this

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How to choose a wealth manager

How do you know which wealth manager is right for you? Who do you ask? Traditionally a trusted lawyer or accountant would have pointed you in the right direction or


How to work out if charges are too high

However charges can vary from vendor to vendor. And service can vary from vendor to vendor too. It is important to understand what you are paying to assess whether this

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What should you expect from a wealth manager?

What do all these wealth managers do, and more importantly, how can they actually help you manage your wealth? Unfortunately, like so much in life, the answer is it depends.