Darius McDermott

Darius McDermott is managing director of Chelsea Financial Services and chairman of the Association of Independent Discount Brokers. Chelsea was founded in 1983 and was the first intermediary to discount initial charges on unit trusts and bonds and later PEPs and ISAs. Today, Chelsea has quality investment fund research and personal service at the heart of its business and provides a cost-effective service to investors who do not feel the need to pay for a financial adviser. Darius has 17 years industry experience and his specialities are fund research, investor behaviour and being able to make sense of financial markets for the man on the street.

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UK active managers crush passive funds

Investors are increasingly being encouraged to buy tracker funds that only seek to match a stock index, rather than trying to beat it. Academics and passive investment companies have been

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Bring financial education to the masses

The surprise majority win of the Conservatives has resulted in a number of key roles changing hands. Some have yet to be decided, whilst others are already known. One of

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In Chinese Year of the Sheep invest like a shepherd

Today marks the start of the Chinese New Year and, even if you are not celebrating the event, the publicity serves as a good reminder to take a closer look

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Equities should progress despite European headwinds

After assessing many outlooks for 2015, we can say that much of the forecasts for equity market returns for 2015 have been reasonably positive. After all, GDP growth in the


10 tips for successful investing

Bad news always makes the headlines, while good news is rarely reported and, over the past 15 years we’ve seen constant negative headlines when it comes to stock markets. We’ve


European bank stress tests: an opportunity?

I think it’s fair to say that the stress tests imposed by the European financial regulators on the banking system have not covered themselves in glory. The tests, in 2010,

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Should you invest in a SIPP or an ISA?

The changes announced in the March budget were good news for investors, and the ‘Savers Revolution’ looks set to continue. George Osborne’s latest move was to scrap the 55% death


Choosing an Emerging Markets fund

Emerging market equities make up an important part of my investments. They’ve offered investors some exceptional returns over the long term, all be it at higher volatility. For the past

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Is it time to invest in water?

I wouldn’t be a true Brit if I didn’t mention the weather in a blog. We complain about it all the time – it’s too hot or too cold, too

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In defence of active fund managers

A study by the Cass Business School recently claimed that just one in a hundred fund managers consistently beat their benchmark. It suggested that investors would be better off investing