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Christopher Aldous is managing director of Charles Stanley Pan Asset

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ETFs offer possible solutions to poor returns from UK equities

Happy New Year to everyone.  In the short term, it’s already turning out to be quite a prosperous one as well – except for those investing mainly in UK equities.


ETFs: interesting ideas for 2015

November was an excellent month for ETF investors with strong returns from equities and further progress in bonds.  There may be more to come, despite short term wobbles over how


Speculating with ETFs can damage your financial health

The Scottish Referendum aroused a great deal of interest in ETFs from my colleagues at Charles Stanley, who are normally more focused on actively-managed funds. They saw ETFs as being


Diversifying your ETF portfolio

It’s been a funny year.  We started out with most commentators bullish on equities and bearish on bonds and that is still pretty much the consensus view.  Unfortunately, the markets


Costs for passive investing are going down

There has always been a fertile argument about the pros and cons of active versus passive investment. Wherever they stand on the relative merits of the two approaches, most investors

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Is passive investing more volatile than active?

Passive investing through index tracking should be the perfect way to invest, offering low cost, broad diversification and a high probability of outperforming the average active manager. But does it


ETFs for income

Income can be a very important source of return, but is sometimes forgotten about in the hunt for capital appreciation. You probably know that the headline FTSE100 index is still

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Investing in commodity ETPs

Who remembers the commodity ‘super-cycle’? Just a few years ago, the term was on the tip of every investment commentator’s tongue. Many believed that prices of the major commodities would


Factor-based ETFs could help you diversify

The evidence suggests that it is still a better approach than active investing, which is merely a more exciting and expensive way to end up in the same place!  All


How to choose a China ETF

Nothing, on the face of it. Unless, of course, you are talking about China. Virtually everything you read about China nowadays is negative. Few are brave enough to recommend investing