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Bibby Financial Services is the UK’s leading independent invoice finance specialist, currently providing cash flow funding for nearly 3,940 businesses, handling annual client turnover of £3.9 billion and advancing in the region of £342 million. Bibby Financial Services supports businesses in both the UK and overseas, utilising expert knowledge from more than 28 years’ experience, helping companies regardless of size or industry sector. With a network of 16 local offices throughout the UK, Bibby Financial Services has the capability, flexibility and independence to make informed funding decisions quickly and efficiently. Our aim as the UK’s largest independent factoring and invoice discounting company is to support the cash flow position and growth of our clients in both the UK and overseas, something we have been doing now for over 28 years. The desire to do the best for our clients runs right through our business; from the expertise of our locally based staff to our innovative, flexible and tailored product range. We pride ourselves on delivering rapid, on the ground decision making from our network of local companies, allowing solutions to be delivered quickly and efficiently. Our service delivery teams work to the highest standards and our customer satisfaction rates are second to none.

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How to make your SME succeed

After conducting an independent survey of 450 small and medium businesses across the UK, independent invoice finance specialist Bibby Financial Services discovered a number of important factors fundamental to the


Small business community affected by new government reforms

In response to this year’s budget announcement back in March, Bibby Financial Services conducted a study to investigate how the small business community would be affected by new government reforms.